West African Folk-Tales

by William H. Barker

Description:  This is a delightful collection of stories and fables from West Africa, collected by a missionary. Many stories feature the Spider-man Anansi, a clever but devious character who usually comes to a bad end. Most of the stories or fables have a clever moral, or tell how some aspect of the natural world came to be.

Additional information:

Ages:  6-12
Length:  124 pages
Format:  Paperback, Ebook
Illustrations:  Black and white
Year published:  2007
ISBN:  978-1-59915-231-8
Genres:  Literature, Folk Tales

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Table of Contents

1. How We Got the Name "Spider Tales"
2. How Wisdom Became the Property of the Human Race 
3. Anansi and Nothing 
4. Thunder and Anansi 
5. Why the Lizard Moves His Head Up and Down 
6. Tit for Tat 
7. Why White Ants Always Harm Man's Property 
8. The Squirrel and the Spider 
9. Why We See Ants Carrying Bundles 
10. Why Spiders Are Always Found in Corners 
11. Anansi and the Blind Fisherman 
12. Adzanumee and Her Mother 
13. The Grinding-stone That Ground Flour by Itself 
14. "Morning Sunrise" 
15. Why the Sea-turtle Beats Its Breast 
16. How Beasts and Serpents First Came into the World 
17. Honourable Minu 
18. Why the Moon and Stars Receive Light from the Sun 

19. Ohia and the Thieving Deer
20. How the Tortoise Got Its Shell 
21. The Hunter and the Tortoise 
22. Kwofi and the Gods 
23. The Lion and the Wolf 
24. Maku Mawu and Maku Fia 
25. The Robber and the Old Man 
26. The Leopard and the Ram 
27. Why the Leopard Only Catches Prey on Its Left 
28. Quarcoo Bah-Boni 
29. King Chameleon and the Animals 
30. To Lose an Elephant for the Sake of a Wren 
31. The Ungrateful Man 
32. Why Tigers Never Attack Men Unless Provoked 
33. The Omanhene Who Liked Riddles 
34. How Mushrooms First Grew 
35. Farmer Mybrow and the Fairies

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