This Way to Christmas (Color Edition)

by Ruth Sawyer

Description:  Stranded in upstate New York with just seven days to go until Christmas, a lonesome boy comes up with an ingenious way to bring Christmas to the equally lonesome inhabitants of his small mountain community, all of whom were spending the winter far from home. Visiting each in turn, David befriends his neighbors and delights in hearing the Christmas stories they share with him, stories they heard in their homelands long ago. A final celebration brings all the neighbors of different nationalities together, forging relationships that will outlast the holiday season and sending a message of hope to a war-torn world. Appealing color illustrations by Maginel Wright Barney accompany the text.

Additional information:

Ages:  9-12
Length:  144 pages
Format:  Paperback
Illustrations:  Color
Year published:  2022
ISBN:  978-1-63334-187-6
Genres:  Holiday, Christmas Stories

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Table of Contents

1. The Chapter before the Beginning

2. The Locked-out Fairy

3. Barney's Tale of the Wee Red Cap

4. The Voyage of the Wee Red Cap

5. David Goes Seeking the Way to Christmas and Finds the Flagman

6. The Christmas Apple

7. The Pathway to Uncle Joab and a New Santa Claus

8. The Locked-out Fairy Again Leads the Way and David Hears of a Christmas Promise

9. The Three Kings Ride

10. The Trapper's Tale of the First Birthday

11. Gifts for the First Birthday

12. The Christmas That Was Nearly Lost

13. St. Bridget

14. The Chapter after the End

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