by Ada and Eleanor Skinner

Description: The Topaz Story Book is an engaging collection of stories and legends from near and far about Autumn, Halloween, and Thanksgiving. Poems that match the season are sprinkled among the narrative selections to add variety. This is one of four seasonal collection the authors have compiled, the others being The Emerald Story Book for Spring, The Turquoise Story Book for Summer, and The Pearl Story Book for Winter.

Additional information:

Ages:  8-12
Length:  298 pages
Format:  Paperback
Illustrations:  None
Year published:  2022
ISBN:  978-63334-123-4
Genres:  Literature

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Table of Contents

1. Nipon and the King of the Northland
2. Prince Autumn
3. The Scarf of the Lady
4. The Sickle Moon
5. Winter’s Herald
6. Jack Frost (poem)
7. The Pumpkin Giant

8. Lady White and Lady Yellow
9. The Shet-Up Posy
10. The Gay Little King
11. The Story of the Opal
12. Lost: The Summer (poem)
13. By the Wayside (poem)
14. The King’s Candles (German Legend)
15. A Legend of the Golden-Rod
16. Golden-Rod (poem)
17. The Little Weed
18. Golden-Rod and Purple Aster

19. Wild Asters (poem)
20. Silver-rod
21. Pimpernel, the Shepherd’s Clock (poem)
22. A Legend of the Gentian (Hungarian)
23. Queen Aster
24. The Weeds
25. Autumn Fires (poem)

26. To an Autumn Leaf (poem)
27. Why the Autumn Leaves Are Red (Indian Legend) -
28. The Anxious Leaf
29. How the Chestnut Burrs Became
30. The Merry Wind (poem)
31. Autumn Among the Birds
32. The Kind Old Oak
33. The Tree (poem)
34. Coming and Going
35. A Legend of the Willow Tree (Japanese)
36. Autumn Fashions (poem)
37. Pomona’s Best Gift (Old English Song)
38. Pomona (Greek myth retold from Ovid)
39. In the Orchard (poem)

40. Johnny Appleseed
41. Red Apple (poem)
42. The Three Golden Apples
43. October: Orchard of the Year
44. November

45. The Pretending Woodchuck
46. Mrs. Bunny’s Dinner Party
47. The Nutcrackers of Nutcracker Lodge
48. Bushy’s Bravery
49. Nut Gatherers (poem)

50. When the Frost is on the Pumpkin
51. Origin of Indian Corn (Indian Legend)
52. Song of Hiawatha
53. O-na-tah, the Spirit of the Corn Fields
54. Mondamin (poem)
55. The Discontented Pumpkin
56. Bob White (poem)
57. The Little Pumpkin
58. Autumn (Poem)

59. The News (poem)
60. How There Came To Be a Katy-did
61. Old Dame Cricket (poem)
62. Miss Katy-Did and Miss Cricket (adapted)
63. The Cricket (poem)

64. Shadow March (poem)
65. Twinkling Feet’s Halloween (adapted from a Cornwall legend)
66. Jack-o’-Lantern (poem)
67. The Elfin Knight (old ballad retold)
68. The Courteous Prince (Scotch legend)
69. Jack-o’-Lantern Song

70. Selection
71. The Odd Little Baker Man
72. A Turkey for the Stuffing
73. Pumpkin Pie (poem)
74. Mrs. November’s Dinner Party
75. The Debut of “Dan’l Webster”
76. The Green Corn Dance
77. Thanksgiving (poem)
78. The Two Alms, or The Thanksgiving Day Gift
79. A Thanksgiving Psalm
80. The Crown of the Year (poem)

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