The Tale of Squirrel Nutkin

by Beatrix Potter

Description:  This is a story of squirrels—and an owl. Squirrel Nutkin and his family live on the shores of a lake, in which lies an island covered in nut-bushes. While his cousins bring gifts to propitiate Old Brown (the owl who lives on the island), Nutkin sings, dances, asks riddles, and generally makes an owl-pestering nuisance of himself. His antics (and their eventual result) come wonderfully alive in this book. On par with the best of Peter Rabbit.

Additional information:

Ages:  4-7
Format:  Ebook
Illustrations:  Color
Year published:  2014
ISBN:  978-1-63334-518-8
Genres:  Literature, Fiction

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Table of Contents

1. The Tale of Squirrel Nutkin

An Inside View...

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