The Story of Mankind

by Hendrik Willem Van Loon

Description:  Relates the story of western civilization from earliest times through the beginning of the twentieth century, with special emphasis on the people and events that changed the course of history. Portrays in vivid prose the achievements of mankind in the areas of art and discovery, as well as the political forces leading to the modern nation-states. Richly illustrated with drawings by the author. Winner of the first Newbery Award in 1922, The Story of Mankind has introduced generations of children to the pageant of world history.

Additional information:

Ages:  10-14
Length:  626 pages
Format:  Paperback, Ebook
Illustrations:  Black and white (paperback),
                     Black and white/color (ebook)
Year published:  2007
ISBN:  978-1-59915-211-0
Genres:  History, World History

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Table of Contents

1. The Setting of the Stage
2. Our Earliest Ancestors 
3. Prehistoric Man 
4. Hieroglyphics 
5. The Nile Valley 
6. The Story of Egypt 
7. Mesopotamia 
8. The Sumerians 
9. Moses 
10. The Phoenicians 
11. The Indo-Europeans 
12. The Aegean Sea 
13. The Greeks 
14. The Greek Cities 
15. Greek Self-Government 
16. Greek Life 
17. The Greek Theatre 
18. The Persian Wars 
19. Athens vs. Sparta 
20. Alexander the Great 
21. A Summary 
22. Rome and Carthage 
23. The Rise of Rome 
24. The Roman Empire 
25. Joshua of Nazareth 
26. The Fall of Rome 
27. The Rise of the Church 
28. Mohammed 
29. Charlemagne 
30. The Norsemen 
31. Feudalism 
32. Chivalry 
33. Pope vs. Emperor 

34. The Crusades
35. The Mediaeval City 
36. Mediaeval Self-Government 
37. The Mediaeval World 
38. Mediaeval Trade 
39. The Renaissance 
40. The Age of Expression 
41. The Great Discoveries 
42. Buddha and Confucius 
43. The Reformation 
44. Religious Warfare 
45. The English Revolution 
46. The Balance of Power 
47. The Rise of Russia 
48. Russia vs. Sweden 
49. The Rise of Prussia 
50. The Mercantile System 
51. The American Revolution 
52. The French Revolution 
53. Napoleon 
54. The Holy Alliance 
55. The Great Reaction 
56. National Independence 
57. The Age of the Engine 
58. The Social Revolution 
59. Emancipation 
60. The Age of Science 
61. Art 
62. Colonial Expansion and War 
63. A New World 
64. As It Ever Shall Be 
65. An Animated Chronology

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