The Story of Liberty

by James Baldwin

Description:  What is liberty as exemplified in American institutions? Where and how did it originate? Through what struggles and triumphs has it advanced? It is in order to answer these questions that the author presents these brief sketches, supplemented by extracts and selections, so the reader can have a panoramic view of the beginnings and growth of political liberty among English-speaking peoples.

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Ages:  ​10-12
Format:  Ebook
Illustrations:  Black and white
Year published:  2014
ISBN:  978-1-59915-867-9
Genres:  History, American History

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Table of Contents

1. Our Forefathers between the Seas
2. A Patriot King
3. The Great Charter
4. The Call of the New World
5. The Birth of American Liberty
6. Commons against King
7. England under German Kings
8. Colonies and King
9. The First Act of Resistance
10. The Cry of Liberty
11. A Ride for Liberty
12. Choosing a General

13. The Great Declaration
14. Refusing a Crown
15. The Beginning of a Great Nation
16. The Constitutions of Two Nations
17. The Fourteenth of July
18. The Doctrine That Is More Than a Doctrine
19. What Is the British Empire?
20. What Is the American Union?
21. The Great Emancipation
22. Our Common Heritage
23. Making the World Safe for Democracy

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