The Story of Europe

by H. E. Marshall

Description:  Presents the broader movements of European history, emphasizing the main factors which have gone into the formation and development of the various European states from the fall of the Roman Empire to the Reformation.  The history of England is included only when that country plays a prominent part in the politics of Europe.  A full treatment of the period immediately following the fall of the Roman Empire is given, since that period provides the necessary key to future developments.  For smoother reading, dates are relegated to the margin for the most part.  Maps, timelines, and genealogy charts of the various royal houses of Europe contribute to making this book an excellent resource for the study of the Middle Ages in Europe.

Additional information:

Ages:  14-18
Length:  336 pages
Format:  Paperback, Ebook
Illustrations:  Black and white
Year published:  2006
ISBN:  978-1-59915-158-8
Genres:  History, European History

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Table of Contents

1. The Barbarians Invade the Roman Empire
2. The Rise of the Franks 
3. The Barbarians Rule in Rome 
4. The Rise and Fall of Justinian's Empire 
5. Gregory the Great Lays Foundation of Papal Power 
6. The Rise of Mohammedanism 
7. The Conquest of Spain by the Arabs 
8. Defeat of the Saracens—Rise of Carolingians 
9. Reign of Charlemagne—Early Holy Roman Empire 
10. Treaty of Verdun—France, Italy, Germany 
11. The Coming of the Northmen 
12. The Northmen in France and England 
13. The Beginning of Russia 
14. The Norman Kingdom of Sicily 
15. The Beginning of Scandinavia—Denmark, Sweden 
16. The Beginning of Scandinavia—Norway 
17. The Feudal System 
18. Tournament and Feudal Warfare 
19. The Holy Roman Empire: Saxon Emperors 
20. The Holy Roman Empire: Pope vs. Emperor 
21. The Progress of France towards Nationality 
22. Knighthood 
23. The Beginning of the Crusades 

24. The Crusades: The Christian Kingdom of Jerusalem
25. The Crusades: The Latin Empire of Constantinople 
26. Effect of Crusades—Fall of Constantinople 
27. The Holy Roman Empire—Strife with the Popes 
28. France: The Captivity of the Popes 
29. France: The Hundred Years' War 
30. Germany: Continued Struggles with the Pope 
31. France: Reign of Louis XI 
32. Moors Driven out of Spain—The Rise of Spain 
33. Changes Caused by the Discovery of the New World 
34. The Progress of Russia 
35. The Rise of Switzerland 
36. The Beginning of Italian Unity Shattered 
37. France and Spain Struggle for Supremacy in Italy 
38. The Renaissance 
39. The New Astronomy 
40. The Beginning of the Reformation 
41. The Reformation: Germany 
42. The Reformation: Switzerland and France 
43. The Reformation: England and Scandinavia 
44. The Reformation: Spain, Portugal, and Netherlands 
45. The Effect of American Conquests on Spain

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