The Red Indian Fairy Book

by Frances Jenkins Olcott

Description:  A choice collection of Native American myths and legends carefully selected from many sources. Most are nature stories telling about birds, beasts, flowers, and rocks of our American meadows, prairies, and forests. The tales are arranged according to the seasons with several stories offered for each month of the year. There are some for early spring, when the maple sap mounts, and the arbutus blooms under the snow; for later spring, when the birds nest, and the wild flowers blow; for summer, with its heat, storms, fishing, and canoeing; for autumn with its corn, nuts, and harvest feast; for winter, with its ice, snow, and adventures. A comprehensive subject index for use by teachers and storytellers is included.

Additional information:

Ages:  8-12
Length:  304 pages
Format:  Paperback, Ebook
Illustrations:  Black and white
Year published:  2006
ISBN:  978-1-59915-120-5
Genres:  Literature, Legends

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Table of Contents

1. The Spring Beauty
2. Little Dawn Boy and the Rainbow Trail 
3. The Meadow Dandelion 
4. Little Burnt-Face 
5. The Elves 
6. Woodpecker Gray 
7. The Kind Hawk 
8. The Boy Who Became a Robin 
9. Legend of the Violet 
10. The Star and the Water Lilies 
11. Why Wild Roses Have Thorns 
12. How the Fairies Came 
13. The Summer Fairies 
14. Leelinau the Fairy Girl 
15. The Sky Elk 
16. Legend of the Morning Star 
17. The Firebird 
18. Young-Boy-Chief 
19. The Star Bride 
20. Scar-Face 
21. Ahneah the Rose Flower 
22. Legend of Niagara and the Great Lakes 
23. How the Hunter Became a Partridge 
24. How Partridge Built the Birds' Canoes 
25. The Noisy Chipmunk 
26. The Wind-Blower 
27. The Silver Brooches 
28. How Indian Corn Came into the World 
29. The Spirit of the Corn 
30. The Little Corn-Bringer 
31. The Nuts of Jonisgyont 
32. Little Owl Boy 

33. The Chestnut Kettle
34. The Ugly Wild Boy 
35. Pitcher the Witch and the Black Cats 
36. Coyote the Hungry 
37. Coyote the Proud 
38. The Magic Windpipe 
39. The Birds' Ball-Game 
40. Why the Turkey Gobbles
41. The Land of the Northern Lights 
42. The Poor Turkey Girl 
43. The Mud Pony 
44. The Wishes 
45. The Mikumwess 
46. The First Pine Trees 
47. The Hidden Waters 
48. Jowiis and the Eagles 
49. Shingebiss 
50. The Boy in the Jug 
51. The Brother and Sister 
52. The Snow Man 
53. The Rolling Rock 
54. The Boy in the Moon 
55. The Discontented Rock 
56. The Singing Maidens 
57. The Star Maiden 
58. How Maple-Sugar Came 
59. Mishosha or the Enchanted Sugar-Maple 
60. How Master Rabbit Went Fishing 
61. The Woodpecker Girls 
62. Bad Wild Cat 
63. How the Four Winds Were Named 
64. Legend of the Trailing Arbutus

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