The Prince and the Pauper

by Mark Twain

Description:  This classic novel from Mark Twain follows the adventures of two very different boys who switch clothing and are subsequently mistaken for each other! One of the boys, a poor beggar named Tom Canty, suddenly finds himself mistaken for Edward Tudor, heir to the throne of England, while the real heir must face a series of trials among the underprivileged people of the streets. Before the mistake is uncovered, both boys learn a great deal from walking in the other's shoes.

Additional information:

Ages:  11-14
Format:  Ebook
Illustrations:  Color
Year published:  2013
ISBN:  978-1-59915-847-1
Genres:  British History, Historical Fiction

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Table of Contents

1. The Birth of the Prince and the Pauper
2. Tom's Early Life
3. Tom's Meeting with the Prince
4. The Prince's Troubles Begin
5. Tom as a Patrician
6. Tom Receives Instructions
7. Tom's First Royal Dinner
8. The Question of the Seal
9. The River Pageant
10. The Prince in the Toils
11. At Guildhall
12. The Prince and His Deliverer
13. The Disappearance of the Prince
14. "Le Roi Est Mort—Vive le Roi"
15. Tom as King
16. The State Dinner
17. Foo-Foo the First

18. The Prince with the Tramps
19. The Prince with the Peasants
20. The Prince and the Hermit
21. Hendon to the Rescue
22. A Victim of Treachery
23. The Prince a Prisoner
24. The Escape
25. Hendon Hall
26. Disowned
27. In Prison
28. The Sacrifice
29. To London
30. Tom's Progress
31. The Recognition Procession
32. Coronation Day
33. Edward as King
34. Justice and Retribution

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