by Ada and Eleanor Skinner

Description: The Pearl Story Book is a stellar collection for children of stories and legends from near and far about Winter, Christmas, and the New Year. Poems to match the season are sprinkled among the narrative selections, making reading from beginning to end a joyful experience. This is one of four seasonal collections the authors have compiled, the others being The Emerald Story Book for Spring, The Turquoise Story Book for Summer, and The Topaz Story Book for Fall.

Additional information:

Ages:  8-12
Length:  283 pages
Format:  Paperback
Illustrations:  None
Year published:  2021
ISBN:  978-63334-126-5
Genres:  Literature

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Table of Contents

1. Winter
2. The Ice King
3. A Song of Snow
4. King Frost and King Winter
5. The Snowstorm
6. The First Winter
7. Snow Song
8. The Snow Maiden
9. The Frost King
10. King Winter's Harvest
11. Old King Winter
12. Sheltering Wings
13. Snowflakes
14. The Snow-Image
15. The First Snow-Fall
16. The Voice of the Pine Trees
17. The Pine Tree Maiden
18. The Holly
19. The Fable of the Three Elms
20. The Pine and the Willow
21. Why the Wild Rabbits Are White in Winter
22. The Yew
23. How the Pine Tree Did Some Good
24. A Wonderful Weaver
25. The Pine and the Flax
26. The Fir Tree
27. Why Bruin Has a Stumpy Tail
28. Pines and Firs
29. Who Loves the Trees Best?
30. A Christmas Song
31. The Shepherd Maiden's Gift
32. Christmas Gifts
33. Silver Bells
34. The Animals' Christmas Tree
35. A Christmas Carol

36. Holly
37. The Willow Man
38. The Ivy Green
39. Legend of St. Nicholas
40. Christmas Bells
41. A Night With Santa Claus
42. A Child's Thought About Santa Claus
43. Charity in a Cottage
44. The Waits
45. Where Love Is There God Is Also
46. God Rest Ye, Merry Gentlemen
47. The Glad New Year
48. The Bad Little Goblin's New Year
49. Selection
50. The Queen of the Year
51. The New Year's Bell
52. The New Year
53. The Child and the Year
54. A Masque of the Days
55. Ring Out Wild Bells
56. The Bells
57. A January Thaw
58. The Snow Man
59. The Happy Prince
60. The Legend of King Wenceslaus
61. Midwinter
62. Old Winter
63. The Snowball That Didn't Melt
64. Gau-wi-di-ne and Go-Hay
65. Naming the Winds
66. North Winds Frolic
67. The Months: A Pageant
68. Prince Winter
69. How Winter and Spring Met

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