by Walter L. Hervey

Description:  A delightful collection of stories and rhymes for the beginning reader with fetching pictures on most every page. Familiar cumulative tales are presented in new dress with the characters Billy Boy, Nellie Gray, and Peter Pup appearing in one tale after another, providing a continuity lacking in many primers. Short rhymes that pop up at natural places in the narrative between the longer tales furnish a pleasant change of pace.

Additional information:

Ages:  5-7
Format:  Ebook
Illustrations:  Color
Year published:  2015
ISBN:  978-1-63334-528-7
Genres:  Literature, Readers

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Table of Contents

1. Billy Boy and the Pony
2. I Had a Little Pony
3. Mix a Pancake
4. Away He Ran
5. The Muffin Boy
6. Two Little Black Crows
7. The New Baby
8. Peter Pup
9. See-Saw
10. Kittens with Mittens
11. Three Little Kittens
12. This Is the Way
13. The Farmer in the Dell
14. Big A, Little A
15. Little Brother
16. Grunt, Piggy, Grunt
17. Nose, Mouth, Eyes, Ears, Feet
18. Little Pig

19. A Mouse with a House

20. To Market
21. Billy and Nelly Go to Market
22. They Meet Jack Sprat's Cat
23. They See the End of the Muffin Boy
24. They Take Peter Pup Along
25. Pup and Pig
26. The Bee and the Pony
27. The Mother Goose Woman
28. The Mouse and Her House
29. A Good Joke
30. The Finest Showman
31. The Market
32. The Baker's Asleep
33. A Goat with a Boat
34. A Goat with a Coat
35. The Wolf and the Fox
36. Animated Alphabet

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