The Golden Windows

by Laura E. Richards

Description:  In The Golden Windows, the reader is presented with brief vignettes that illustrate the beauty of everyday life and show that miracles are often housed in the most ordinary of things. The characters of these short stories include mothers, children, farmers, and even angels. Through them, we come to learn that a mother with a clubfoot may well be a veritable angel, and that even the lowliest of homes may have golden windows when regarded from just the right perspective.

Additional information:

Ages:  5-9
Format:  Ebook
Illustrations:  Black and white
Year published:  2016
ISBN:  978-1-59915-624-8
Genres:  Faith, Allegories

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Table of Contents

1. The Golden Windows
2. The Ways
3. The Wheat-Field
4. To-morrow
5. The Coming of the King
6. The Tree in the City
7. The House of Love
8. The Great Feast
9. The Desert
10. The Walled Garden
11. The Pig Brother
12. The Hill
13. About Angels
14. The Point of View
15. The Open Door
16. The Day
17. The Baby
18. The Apron-String
19. The Shadow
20. The Prominent Man
21. Good Advice
22. For Remembrance

23. The Sailor Man
24. The Road
25. The Blind Mother
26. "Go" and "Come"
27. Child's Play
28. The Windows
29. A Misunderstanding
30. From a Far Country
31. A Fortune
32. The Stars
33. The Cooky
34. The Strong Child
35. Anybody
36. The Giftie
37. The Staff
38. The Door
39. Theology
40. A Matter of Importance
41. The Scar
42. The Stranger
43. The Wedding Guests
44. Home

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