The Fairy Ring

by Kate Douglas Wiggin

Description:  A delightful collection of 63 fairy tales, selected from Scandinavian, English, French, Spanish, Gaelic, German, Russian, and East Indian sources. The authors read thousands of fairy tales to locate the best of the less familiar tales to include in this volume. Numerous black and white illustrations accompany the text.

Additional information:

Ages:  6-9
Length:  658 pages
Format:  Paperback, Ebook
Illustrations:  Black and white
Year published:  2008
ISBN:  978-1-59915-298-1
Genres:  Literature, Fairy Tales

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Table of Contents


1. East o' the Sun and West o' the Moon

2. The Golden Lantern, Golden Goat, and Golden Cloak

3. Mother Roundabout's Daughter

4. The Bear and Skrattel

5. The Golden Bird

6. The Doll in the Grass

7. The Princess on the Glass Hill

8. The Ram and the Pig Who Went into the Woods

9. The Troll's Hammer

10. The Clever Prince

11. "Lars, My Lad!"

12. Twigmuntus, Cowbelliantus, Perchnosius


13. Master Tobacco

14. The History of Tom Thumb

15. Tattercoats

16. History of Jack the Giant-Killer


17. Yvon and Finette

18. The Fair One with Golden Locks

19. The Little Good Mouse

20. The Story of Blanche and Vermilion

21. Prince Desire and Princess Mignonetta

22. The Yellow Dwarf

23. Graciosa and Percinet

24. Drak, the Fairy

25. Drakesbill and His Friends

26. Riquet with the Tuft

27. The White Cat

28. Prince Cherry

29. The Twelve Months


30. The Story of Coquerico

31. The Bird-Cage Maker


32. The Bee, the Harp, the Mouse and the Bum-Clock

33. The Long Leather Bag

34. The Widow's Daughter

35. Munachar and Manachar


36. The Wild Swans

37. The Road to Fortune

38. The Golden Crab

39. The Table, the Ass, and the Stick

40. The Little Brother and Sister

41. The Old Griffin

42. The Three Feathers

43. The House in the Wood

44. Rapunzel

45. The Queen Bee

46. The Many-Furred Creature

47. Snow-white and Rose-red

48. The Frog Prince

49. The Goose Girl

50. Brier Rose

51. The Iron Stove

52. Rumpel-stilts-ken

53. Faithful John, the King's Servant

54. Spindle, Shuttle, and Needle


55. The Magic Egg

56. The Sparrow and the Bush

57. The Iron Wolf

East Indian

58. The Grateful Cobra

59. The Magic Ring

60. Tit for Tat

61. The Brahman, the Tiger, and the Six Judges

62. Muchie Lal

63. The Valiant Chatteemaker

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