The Boys' Cuchulain

by Eleanor Hull

Description:  A competent and poetic retelling of the adventurous tale of Cuchulain, who for centuries represented the chivalric ideal of the Irish Gael.

Additional information:

Ages:  10-12
Format:  Ebook
Illustrations:  Color
Year published:  2016
ISBN:  978-1-63334-563-8
Genres:  Literature, Celtic Tales

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Table of Contents

1. How Conor Became King of Ulster
2. Queen Meave and the Woman‑Seer
3. The Boy-Corps of King Conor
4. How Cuchulain Got His Name
5. How Cuchulain Took Arms
6. Of Cuchulain's First Feats of Championship
7. Cuchulain's Adventures in Shadow‑Land
8. How Cuchulain Wooed His Wife
9. Meave Demands the Brown Bull of Cooley
10. The Plucking Out of the Four‑Pronged Pole
11. The Deer of Ill‑Luck
12. Etarcomal's Well‑Deserved Fate
13. The Fight with Spits of Holly‑Wood
14. The Combat with Ferdia
15. The Fall of Ferdia

16. Ulster, Awake!
17. The End of the Boy‑Corps
18. The "Rising‑Out" of Ulster
19. The Humbling of Queen Meave
20. The Fairy Swan‑Maidens
21. How Cuchulain Went to Fairy Land
22. Deirdre of Contentions
23. The Up-Bringing of Deirdre
24. The Sleep-Wanderer
25. The Wiles of King Conor
26. The Sorrowful Death of Usna's Sons
27. The Fight of Cuchulain with His Son Conla
28. The Hound at Bay
29. Fame Outlives Life
30. The Red Rout

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