The Adventures of Ol' Mistah Buzzard

by Thornton W. Burgess

Description:  There is a great disturbance in the Green Meadow when a mysterious shadow goes soaring overhead. It's not an animal that anyone knows! Fortunately, the new guest, Ol' Mistah Buzzard, is friendly enough, and he has enjoyable stories to tell that he shares with the usual residents of the forest and meadow. Unlike any of the others around, Ol' Mistah Buzzard is a strange bird, indeed!

Additional information:

Ages:  5-8
Format:  Ebook
Illustrations:  Black and white
Year published:  2014
ISBN:  978-1-63334-508-9
Genres:  Natural History, Animal Stories

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Table of Contents

1. A Great Fear on the Green Meadows
2. Unc' Billy Meets an Old Friend
3. Ol' Mistah Buzzard Makes Friends
4. A Funny Dispute
5. Peter Grows Curious about Ol' Mistah Buzzard
6. Peter Rabbit's Neck Aches
7. The Result of Peter's Watching
8. Peter Rabbit Is Jubilant
9. Peter Tells the Truth
10. Ol' Mistah Buzzard Teases Peter Rabbit
11. Peter Is Both Puzzled and Curious
12. Peter Consults Sammy Jay
13. Peter Arouses Sammy Jay's Interest

14. Sammy Jay Disappoints Peter
15. Sammy Jay Gives Peter Directions
16. Peter Jumps Almost out of His Skin
17. The Mystery Is Cleared Up
18. Ol' Mistah Buzzard Explains Things
19. Sammy Jay Speaks His Mind
20. Peter Asks a Personal Question
21. Ol' Mistah Buzzard Starts a Story
22. Ol' Mistah Buzzard Finishes His Tale
23. Reddy Fox Runs for His Life
24. Peter Rabbit and Winsome Bluebird Gossip
25. How Ol' Mistah Buzzard Warms His Toes

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