Tales of Troy and Greece

by Andrew Lang

Description:  The stories of Ancient Greece, its heroes and its gods have captivated us for millennia. Andrew Lang's vivid retelling in this collection of some of the most famous of those tales is a perfect introduction for younger readers. Here, they will learn of the heroic deeds of Achilles and Ulysses, Theseus and Perseus—stories that will inspire and amaze, no matter the age.

Additional information:

Ages:  10-12
Length:   352 pages
Format:   Paperback, Ebook
Illustrations:  Black and white
Year published:  2021
ISBN:  978-1-59915-478-7
Genres:  Literature, Greek Hero Tales

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Table of Contents


1. The Boyhood and Parents of Ulysses
2. How People Lived in the Time of Ulysses 
3. The Wooing of Helen of the Fair Hands 
4. The Stealing of Helen 
5. Trojan Victories 
6. Battle at the Ships 
7. The Slaying and Avenging of Patroclus 
8. The Cruelty of Achilles and Ransoming of Hector 
9. How Ulysses Stole the Luck of Troy 
10. The Battle with the Amazons and Memnon 
11. Ulysses Sails To Seek the Son of Achilles 
12. The Slaying of Paris 
13. How Ulysses Invented the Horse of Tree 
14. The End of Troy and the Saving of Helen

15. The Slaying of Agamemnon and Sorrows of Ulysses 
16. The Enchantress Circe, Land of the Dead, Sirens 
17. The Whirlpool, Sea Monster, and Cattle of the Sun 
18. How Telemachus Went To Seek His Father 
19. How Ulysses Escaped from the Island of Calypso 

20. How Ulysses Was Wrecked, Yet Reached Phaeacia
21. How Ulysses Came to His Own Country 
22. Ulysses Comes Disguised to His Own Palace 
23. The Slaying of the Wooers 
24. The End 

25. The Children of the Cloud 
26. The Search for the Fleece 
27. The Winning of the Fleece 


28. The Wedding of Æthra
29. The Boyhood of Theseus
30. Adventures of Theseus 
31. Theseus Finds His Father
32. Heralds Come for Tribute
33. Theseus in Crete 
34. The Slaying of the Minotaur 

35. The Prison of Danae 
36. The Vow of Perseus 
37. Perseus and Andromeda 
38. How Perseus Avenged Danae

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