Practical Arithmetics, Book 1, Part 1

by Strayer and Upton

Description:  The first 152 pages of the first book in the popular Strayer-Upton Practical Arithmetics three-book series. The whole of Book 1 includes lessons for grades 2 and 3. This part of Book 1 includes lessons for the first 5 months of a second grade year. Topics include Addition, Subtraction, Counting Money, Using a Calendar, Measuring Height, Buying and Selling, and Simple Fractions. Answers are included in a separate section at the back. Ebook purchase also includes an 8.5 x 11" printable PDF of the text for students who would prefer a hard copy.

Additional information:

Ages:  7-9
Format:  Ebook
Illustrations:  Black and white
Year published:  2014
ISBN:  978-1-63334-515-7
Genres:  Mathematics

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Table of Contents

1.       ADDITION Playing Tenpins

2.       COUNTING How Far Can You Count?

3.       A NUMBER GAME What Score Can You Make?

4.       PROBLEMS Can You Work These Problems?

5.       ADDITION How To Add Several Numbers

6.       A NUMBER GAME Can You Find the Missing Numbers?

7.       BUYING TOYS How Much More Do I Need?

8.       SUBTRACTION Learning the Language

9.       PROBLEMS How Many Are Left?

10.     SUBTRACTION Practice in Subtraction

11.     ADDITION Adding Tens

12.     COUNTING Learning What Numbers Mean

13.     MONEY United States Money

14.     COUNTING Counting Money

15.     ADDITION, SUBTRACTION Do You Know All These?

16.     ADDITION Guess What Robert Is Thinking

17.     ADDITION, SUBTRACTION Some Harder Combinations

18.     DIAGNOSTIC TEST The 100 Addition Combinations

19.     PRACTICING ADDITION John Learns To Add Well

20.     THE CALENDAR Learning To Use the Calendar

21.     PROBLEMS Do You Add or Subtract?

22.     ADDITION An Addition Match

23.     A NUMBER GAME A Subtraction Relay Race

24.     DIAGNOSTIC TEST 100 Subtraction Combinations

25.     READING AND WRITING NUMBERS Numbers to 1000


27.     READING AND WRITING NUMBERS Dollars and Cents

28.     ADDITION How Well Can You Add?

29.     ADDITION Adding Two-Figure Numbers

30.     ADDITION Adding Two-Figure Numbers

31.     PROBLEMS At the Dolls' Shop

32.     PROBLEMS Problems and Practice

33.     ADDITION Adding by Endings

34.     ADDITION Mary Plays an Addition Game

35.     ADDITION Adding Columns

36.     ADDITION Playing Hopscotch

37.     ADDITION Adding Columns

38.     ADDITION Getting Ready To Add Longer Columns

39.     ADDITION Finding Your Score in a Game

40.     ADDITION Harder Work in Adding by Endings

41.     ADDITION Practice in Adding by Endings

42.     ADDITION Can You Race Around This Track?

43.     ADDITION Adding Columns of Figures

44.     PROBLEMS Buying Lunch

45.     ADDITION Learning To Carry in Addition

46.     ADDITION Practice in Adding

47.     ADDITION Words That Tell You To Add

48.     ADDITION Practice in Adding

49.     ADDITION Why Grace Had Trouble in Adding

50.     ADDITION John Helps in the Store

51.     ADDITION *John Makes Out Sales Slips

52.     PROBLEMS Some More Problems

53.     ADDITION Adding Three-Figure Numbers

54.     ADDITION More Uses of Addition

55.     PROBLEMS Vacation Trips

56.     ADDITION Harder Work in Carrying

57.     ADDITION Practice in Adding

58.     ADDITION Watching Zeros in Addition

59.     ADDITION Dollars and Cents

60.     ADDITION Diagnostic Test

61.     SUBTRACTION How Well Can You Subtract?

62.     SUBTRACTION Words That Tell You To Subtract

63.     SUBTRACTION A Subtraction Game

64.     SUBTRACTION Subtracting Two-Figure Numbers

65.     SUBTRACTION Can You Do All These?

66.     PROBLEMS The School Bank

67.     PROBLEMS Everyday Problems

68.     SUBTRACTION New Work in Subtraction

69.     SUBTRACTION Practice in Subtracting

70.     PROBLEMS A Day at the Seashore

71.     SUBTRACTION Practice in Subtracting

72.     SUBTRACTION Subtracting Three-Figure Numbers

73.     SUBTRACTION Practice in Subtraction

74.     SUBTRACTION Finding the Difference

75.     SUBTRACTION Harder Work in Subtraction

76.     SUBTRACTION Practice in Subtraction


78.    PROBLEMS Grandfather's Chickens

79.    SUBTRACTION Watching Zeros in Subtraction

80.    SUBTRACTION Practice with Zeros in Subtraction

81.    PROBLEMS Saving Money for Christmas

82.    SUBTRACTION Subtracting Dollars and Cents

83.    PROBLEMS *Free Tickets to the Circus

84.    PROBLEMS Problem Test A1

85.    SUBTRACTION Diagnostic Test

86.    MULTIPLICATION Multiplying 2's

87.    MULTIPLICATION Multiplying by 2

88.    MULTIPLICATION Using Multiplication

89.    DIVISION Dividing by 2

90.    ONE HALF Learning about ½

91.    ONE HALF OF A GROUP Finding One Half

92.    MULTIPLICATION, DIVISION Using 2's in Problems

93.    MULTIPLICATION How To Multiply Larger Numbers

94.    PROBLEMS A Few More Problems

95.    MULTIPLICATION How To Carry in Multiplication

96.    MULTIPLICATION The Scouts Get Ready for a Hike

97.    PROBLEMS Getting Ready for Christmas

98.    MULTIPLICATION Practice in Multiplying

99.    PROBLEMS Billy's Vacation at Camp

100.  REVIEW Addition and Subtraction

101.  PROBLEMS Problem Test A2

102.  MULTIPLICATION Multiplying 3's

103.  MULTIPLICATION Multiplying by 3

104.  MULTIPLICATION Using 3's

105.  DIVISION Dividing by 3

106.  ONE THIRD Learning about ⅓

107.  MULTIPLICATION Multiply Larger Numbers by 3

108.  MULTIPLICATION Carrying Twice

109.  MULTIPLICATION Practice in Multiplying by 3

110.  MULTIPLICATION Multiplying by 2 and 3

111.  MULTIPLICATION Learning When To Multiply

112.  REVIEW Addition

113.  PROBLEMS Problem Test A3

114.  REVIEW Subtraction

115.  MEASURING LENGTH Using the Foot Rule

116.  MEASURING LENGTH How Tall Are You?

117.  MEASURING LENGTH Feet and Inches

118.  DIVISION Short Division

119.  DIVISION Learning When To Divide

120.  DIVISION How Many Are Left Over?

121.  DIVISION Sharing Expenses

122.  DIVISION Sharing Things

123.  DIVISION Short Division


125.  PROBLEMS Problem Test B1

126.  REVIEW Addition and Subtraction

127.  MEASURING LIQUIDS Quarts and Pints

128.  MULTIPLICATION Multiplying 4's

129.  MULTIPLICATION Multiplying by 4

130.  DIVISION Dividing by 4

131.  ONE FOURTH Learning about ¼

132.  MULTIPLICATION Multiply Larger Numbers by 4

133.  MULTIPLICATION Multiplying by 2, 3, and 4

134.  PROBLEMS Problem Test B2

135.  DIVISION Dividing Zero by a Number

136.  DIVISION Planting Flowers

137.  DIVISION Remainders in Dividing by 4

138.  DIVISION Dividing Three-Figure Numbers

139.  DIVISION Short Division

140.  MULTIPLICATION, DIVISION Multiply or Divide?

141.  REVIEW Addition and Subtraction

142.  PROBLEMS Problem Test B3

143.  MULTIPLICATION Multiplying 5's

144.  DIVISION Dividing by 5

145.  ONE FIFTH Learning about ⅕

146.  MULTIPLYING BY 5 Selling Ice Cream Cones

147.  MULTIPLICATION Diagnostic Test

148.  DIVISION Remainders in Dividing by 5

149.  DIVISION Dividing by 5

150.  PROBLEMS A School Picnic

151.  REVIEW Review



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