Stickeen: The Story of a Dog

by John Muir

Description: In this exquisite essay, John Muir relates a death-defying experience he shared with a dog named Stickeen on an Alaskan glacier and reflects on the insights it offered him. Of his companion, Muir writes: 'At first the least promising and least known of my dog-friends, he suddenly became the best known of them all. Our storm-battle for life brought him to light, and through him as through a window I have ever since been looking with deeper sympathy into all my fellow mortals.' An absolute must for dog lovers.

Additional information:

Ages:  10-14
Format:  Ebook
Illustrations:  None
Year published:  2013
ISBN:  978-1-59915-954-6
Genres:  Natural History, Animal Stories

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Table of Contents

1. Stickeen

An Inside View...

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