Seaside and Wayside, Book Two

by Julia McNair Wright

Description:  In this second volume of the Seaside and Wayside series, beginning readers make the acquaintance of a variety of life forms, such as barnacles and starfish that they are unlikely to have encountered before, and deepen their appreciation of some that are probably more familiar, including ants, flies, beetles, and earthworms. Whether the animals are new to them or not, they will come away from their reading with plenty of interesting stories to share about all aspects of these creatures' lives. 

The primary purpose of the four volumes of the Seaside and Wayside nature readers is to teach children to read while teaching them something else of value. They develop thought, enlarge vocabulary, awaken fresh and healthy interests, direct the mind into new paths of study, and gratify that curiosity about his surroundings which every child by scores of questions shows.

Additional information:

Ages:  7-9
Length:  193 pages
Format:  Paperback, Ebook
Illustrations:  Black and white
Year published:  2022
ISBN:  978-1-63334-085-5 
Genres:  Science and Technology, Science

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Table of Contents

1. A Look at an Ant
2. The Life of an Ant
3. The Ant's Home
4. The Ants at Home
5. The Ants on a Trip
6. The Farmer Ants
7. Ants and Their Trades
8. The Slave Ants
9. Wonder Ants
10. The Ways of Ants
11. Mr. Worm and His Family
12. Mr. Earth-Worm at Home
13. Mr. Worm at Work
14. Mr. Worm's Cottage by the Sea
15. Mr. Worm at Home
16. A Look at a House-Fly
17. How To Look at a Fly
18. Mrs. Fly and Her Foes
19. Of What Use Are Flies?
20. A Swarm of Flies
21. Some Queer Flies
22. In Armor Clad
23. When Mr. Beetle Was Young

24. How To Learn about Beetles
25. The Rose Beetle
26. Princes and Giants
27. The Little Sexton
28. The Story of the Stag Beetle
29. Mr. Beetle Seeks for a Home
30. The Little Water-Men
31. Whirligig Beetles
32. What a Fisherman Told
33. Mr. Barnacle and His Son
34. A Fishing Party
35. A Last Look at Mr. Barnacle
36. Flowers of the Sea
37. The Life of a Jelly-Fish
38. Sea-Stars
39. A Sea-Change
40. The Star-Fish with an Overcoat
41. The Flying Flowers
42. Under the Water
43. A Happy Change
44. The Dragon-Fly and His Cousins
45. The Wings of the Dragon-Fly
46. Review Lessons

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