Seaside and Wayside, Book One

by Julia McNair Wright

Description:  Introduces beginning readers to an assortment of fascinating creatures including crabs and mollusks that inhabit the sea, and wasps, spiders, and bees that live on land, in language both attractive and comprehensible. With several short chapters devoted to each type of animal, readers learn how to identify them, what they eat, where they live, how they defend themselves, and how the next generation is produced. At intervals, animals are compared and contrasted and review questions posed. 

The primary purpose of the four volumes of the Seaside and Wayside nature readers is to teach children to read while teaching them something else of value. They develop thought, enlarge vocabulary, awaken fresh and healthy interests, direct the mind into new paths of study, and gratify that curiosity about his surroundings which every child by scores of questions shows. 

Additional information:

Ages:  6-8
Length:  116 pages
Format:  Paperback, Ebook
Illustrations:  Black and white
Year published:  2022
ISBN:  978-1-63334-074-9
Genres:  Nature Study

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Table of Contents

1. Mr. and Mrs. Crab
2. Mr. Crab and His House
3. More About Mr. Crab
4. Mr. and Mrs. Crab Get a New Coat
5. What the Crab Does
6. Mr. Crab and His Friends
7. Some Other Crabs
8. The Hermit Crab
9. The Crab's Enemies
10. The Uses of Crabs
11. Mrs. Wasp and Her Home
12. What Mrs. Wasp Can Do
13. A Look at Mrs. Wasp
14. Mrs. Wasp's Year
15. Mrs. Wasp at Home
16. Review
17. The Bee and the Man
18. A Look at a Bee
19. The Bee at Home
20. The Bee Babies
21. The Bee War

22. The Bee's Work
23. The Wise Bees
24. Earth Bees
25. Other Bees
26. More about Bees
27. The Spider and His Dress
28. The Spider at Home
29. The Little Nest
30. The Spider and His Food
31. Very Queer Spiders
32. Review
33. Out of Harm's Way
34. Shell-Fish
35. The Story of Mr. Conch
36. Sea-Babies
37. More about Sea-Babies
38. About Mr. Drill
39. The Story of a War
40. How Shell-Fish Feed
41. Review

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