Richard of Jamestown

by James Otis

Description: Follow the fortunes of orphan Richard Mutton as he travels to the New World with Captain John Smith and takes up residence with him in the new colony of Jamestown. See the struggles they go through to keep a roof over their heads and food on the table while the majority of their fellow colonists shirk the work of establishing the colony for the pursuit of gold. Observe how their relationships with the native Americans change over time and how, when they are just on the point of abandoning the colony, a new contingent of colonists arrives to bring fresh hope to the Jamestown settlement. Numerous black and white illustrations complement the text.

Additional information:

Ages:  8-10
Length:  156 pages
Format:  Paperback, Ebook
Illustrations:  Black and white
Year published:  2007
ISBN:  978-1-59915-186-1
Genres:  American History, Historical Fiction

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Table of Contents

1. Who I Am

2. Left Alone in the World

3. An Idle Boy

4. Captain John Smith Comes to London

5. Meeting Captain Smith

6. Captain Smith Speaks to Me

7. The Plans of the London Company

8. The Vessels of the Fleet

9. How I Earned My Passage

10. When the Fleet Set Sail

11. The Voyage Delayed

12. Nathaniel's Story

13. We Make Sail Again

14. The First Island

15. Captain Smith Accused

16. Captain Smith a Prisoner

17. I Attend My Master

18. Several Islands Visited

19. A Variety of Wild Game

20. The Tempest

21. The New Country Sighted

22. The Leader Not Known

23. Arrival at Chesapeake Bay

24. An Attack by the Savages

25. Reading the London Company's Orders

26. Captain Smith a Member of the Council

27. Captain Smith Forced To Remain Aboard

28. Exploring the Country

29. People Land from the Ships

30. Captain Smith Proven Innocent

31. We Who Were Left Behind

32. Baking Bread without Ovens

33. An Unequal Division of Labor

34. Building a House of Logs

35. Keeping House

36. Lack of Cleanliness in the Village

37. Cave Homes

38. The Golden Fever

39. Ducks and Oysters

40. Roasting Oysters

41. Learning To Cook Other Things

42. The Sweet Potato Root

43. A Touch of Homesickness

44. Master Hunt's Preaching

45. Neglecting To Provide for the Future

46. Surprised by Savages

47. Strengthening the Fort

48. A Time of Sickness and Death

49. Captain Smith Gains Authority

50. Disagreeable Measures of Discipline

51. Signs of Rebellion

52. The Second Proclamation

53. Building a Fortified Village

54. Trapping Turkeys

55. A Crude Kind of Chimney

56. Cooking a Turkey

57. Candles or Rushlights

58. The Visit of Pocahontas

59. Captain Kendall's Plot

60. The Death of Captain Kendall

61. Captain Smith's Expedition and Return

62. An Exciting Adventure

63. Taken before Powhatan

64. Pocahontas Begs for Smith's Life

65. The Effect of Captain Smith's Return

66. A New Church

67. Captain Newport's Return

68. Gold-Seekers

69. A Worthless Cargo

70. The Condition of the Colony

71. Tobacco

72. Captain Newport's Return

73. Gazing at the Women

74. Master Hunt Brings Great News

75. Captain Newport's Instructions

76. The Story of Roanoke

77. The Crowning of Powhatan

78. Preparing for the Future

79. Stealing the Company's Goods

80. What the Thieving Led To

81. Fear of Famine in a Land of Plenty

82. The Unhealthful Location

83. Gathering Oysters

84. Preparing Sturgeon for Food

85. Turpentine and Tar

86. The Making of Clapboards

87. Providing for the Children

88. Dreams of the Future

89. A Plague of Rats

90. Treachery during Captain Smith's Absence

91. Captain Smith's Speech

92. The New Laws

93. The Accident

94. Captain Smith's Departure

95. The " Starving Time"

96. Our Courage Gives Out

97. Abandoning Jamestown

98. Lord De la Warr's Arrival

99. The Young Planters

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