by Eleanor H. Porter

Description:  This popular novel by Eleanor H. Porter introduces a memorable young heroine whose exceptional optimism allows her to find the good in any situation, no matter how dreary, difficult, or unpleasant it may be. When Pollyanna moves to her Aunt Polly's house in Beldingsville, Vermont, her bright outlook on life is put to the test. Over time, her sunny disposition, along with her 'glad game,' brightens the lives of many, including her austere Aunt. When unexpected tragedy befalls her, though, and she falls into uncharacteristic despair, it takes the encouragement of others to restore Pollyanna to her former state of gladness.

Additional information:

Ages:  8-10
Format:  Ebook
Illustrations:  Black and white
Year published:  2013
ISBN:  978-1-59915-852-5
Genres:  Literature, Fiction

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Table of Contents

1. Miss Polly
2. Old Tom and Nancy
3. The Coming of Pollyanna
4. The Little Attic Room
5. The Game
6. A Question of Duty
7. Pollyanna and Punishments
8. Pollyanna Pays a Visit
9. Which Tells of the Man
10. A Surprise for Mrs. Snow
11. Introducing Jimmy
12. Before the Ladies' Aid
13. In Pendleton Woods
14. Just a Matter of Jelly
15. Dr. Chilton
16. A Red Rose and a Lace Shawl

17. "Just Like a Book"
18. Prisms
19. Which Is Somewhat Surprising
20. Which Is More Surprising
21. A Question Answered
22. Sermons and Woodboxes
23. An Accident
24. John Pendleton
25. A Waiting Game
26. A Door Ajar
27. Two Visits
28. The Game and Its Players
29. Through an Open Window
30. Jimmy Takes the Helm
31. A New Uncle
32. Which Is a Letter from Pollyanna

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