by Carlo Collodi

Description:  Beloved tale of the adventures of a puppet, carved from a stick of wood, who eventually becomes a real boy after many trials and tribulations. Though urged to right behavior by his father Gepetto, the Talking-cricket, and the Blue Fairy, Pinocchio yields to temptations that land him in desperate straits. Yet, time after time, he is rescued, sometimes by a stroke of luck and other times by someone he had befriended previously. Pinocchio's indomitable spirit shines throughout, lending humor and playfulness to whatever situation he finds himself in, whether that is planting his money in the Field of Miracles, sharing the humiliation of growing donkey ears with his good friend Candlewick, or discovering his father at long last in the belly of the Dog-fish. All the while Pinocchio is growing in goodness and at last becomes a real little boy with a loving heart, a dutiful son to a devoted father. This edition couples the first translation from the Italian into English by M. A. Murray with dozens of engaging illustrations.

Additional information:

Ages:  6-9
Length:  265 pages
Format:  Paperback, Ebook
Illustrations:  Black and white
Year published:  2009
ISBN:  978-1-59915-177-9
Genres:  Literature, Fiction

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Table of Contents

1. Master Cherry Finds a Piece of Wood
2. Master Cherry Gives a Present to Geppetto 
3. Geppetto Returns Home To Make a Puppet 
4. The Talking-Cricket 
5. Pinocchio Is Hungry 
6. Pinocchio Falls Asleep 
7. Geppetto Gives Pinocchio His Breakfast 
8. Geppetto Makes Pinocchio New Feet 
9. Pinocchio Sells His Spelling-Book 
10. The Puppets Recognize Their Brother Pinocchio 
11. Fire-Eater Pardons Pinocchio 
12. Pinocchio Is Taken In by the Fox and the Cat 
13. The Inn of the Red Craw-Fish 
14. Pinocchio Falls amongst Assassins 
15. The Assassins Pursue Pinocchio 
16. Pinocchio Is Found and Put to Bed 
17. Pinocchio's Nose Grows 
18. Pinocchio Meets the Fox and the Cat Again 

19. Pinocchio Is Robbed
20. Pinocchio Is Liberated from Prison 
21. Pinocchio Becomes a Watch-Dog 
22. Pinocchio Discovers the Robbers 
23. Pinocchio Flies with a Pigeon to the Ocean 
24. The Island of the "Industrious Bees" 
25. Pinocchio Promises To Be Good and Studious 
26. Pinocchio Goes To See the Dog-Fish 
27. The Fight between Pinocchio and His Companions 
28. Pinocchio Is in Danger of Being Fried 
29. The Fairy Promises To Make Pinocchio a Boy 
30. Pinocchio Leaves for the "Land of Boobies" 
31. Pinocchio Grows a Pair of Donkey Ears 
32. Pinocchio Becomes a Donkey 
33. Pinocchio Is Sold 
34. Pinocchio Is Thrown into the Sea 
35. What Pinocchio Finds in the Dog-Fish 
36. Pinocchio Becomes a Boy at Last

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