Peter of New Amsterdam

by James Otis

Description:  The story of the Dutch colony at New Amsterdam, through the eyes of the young lad Peter. Relates its settlement by the West India Company under the leadership of Peter Minuit, their transactions with the Indians including the purchase of the island of Manhattan, their overthrow of the Swedish forts to the south, and their surrender to English forces in 1664. The portrait of the contrasting figures of Peter Minuit and Peter Stuyvesant enlivens the narrative. Numerous black and white illustrations complement the text.     $9.95

Additional information:

Ages:  8-10
Length:  150 pages
Format:  Paperback, Ebook
Illustrations:  Black and white
Year published:  2007
ISBN:  978-1-59915-183-0
Genres:  American History, Historical Fiction

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Table of Contents

1. Where I Was Born

2. Alone in Holland

3. An Important Introduction

4. I Go My Way

5. The Bargain

6. Sailing for the New World

7. A View of New Netherland

8. The " Brown Men" or Savages

9. Summoned to the Cabin

10. Toys for the Savages

11. Claim of the West India Company

12. Making Ready for Trade

13. Hans Braun and Kryn Gildersleeve

14. The Gathering of the Savages

15. Going Ashore

16. Buying the Island of Manhattan

17. Boats Used by the Savages

18. Wandering over the Island

19. The Homes of the Savages

20. Master Minuit's Home

21. Beginning the Work

22. A Strange Kind of Craft

23. Building a Fort

24. In Charge of the Goods

25. The Value of Wampum

26. Buildings of Stone

27. The Government

28. A Prosperous Town

29. Quarrelsome Slaves

30. A Brutal Murder

31. The Village Called Plymouth

32. I Go on a Voyage

33. A Lukewarm Welcome

34. Two Days in Plymouth

35. Forging Ahead

36. The Big Ship

37. Master Minuit's Successor

38. Trouble with the English

39. Master Van Twiller Discharged

40. Director Kieft

41. Unjust Commands

42. Master Minuit's Return

43. The Revenge of the Savages

44. Master Kieft's War

45. Director Petrus Stuyvesant

46. Time for Sight-Seeing

47. How the Fort Was Armed

48. Village Laws

49. Other Things about Town

50. A Visit of Ceremony

51. New Amsterdam Becomes a City

52. Master Stuyvesant Makes Enemies

53. Orders from Holland

54. Making Ready for War

55. An Unexpected Question

56. With the Fleet

57. Driving Out the Swedes

58. The Uprising of the Indians

59. An Attack by the Indians

60. Hastening Back to New Amsterdam

61. Coaxing the Savages

62. Interference with Religious Freedom

63. Punishing the Quaker

64. Other Persecutions

65. Dull Trade

66. The Charge Made by Hans Braun

67. Dismissed by Master Stuyvesant

68. English Claims

69. Idle Days

70.   On Broad Way

71. Looking after the Ferry

72. The Coming of the English

73. A Weak Defense

74. Master Stuyvesant Absent

75. Disobeying Commands

76. Surrender of the City Demanded

77. A Three Days' Truce

78. Visitors from the English

79. Master Stuyvesant's Rage

80. The End of Dutch Rule

81. The City of New York

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