Paper Modelling

by Mildred Swannell

Description: An introduction to a handicraft for young children that strengthens skills of paper folding, paper cutting and pasting, and ruler drawing while constructing models from paper. Plans for 44 models are included in the book, some simpler and others more complex. The first ten models start with a square piece of paper to form simple objects such as a box and a basket, or more complex ones such as a cart or a barn. Next come 23 models that begin as oblongs, and a final 11 from various irregular shapes. Detailed instructions accompany the plans. Rather than a series of projects to be worked through from beginning to end, consider starting with projects with a few simple pieces and few instructions, and then, as skills increase, choosing projects that match your skill level and catch your fancy.

This edition differs from the original in having each model on its own page or pagespread, with instructions for each component placed as closely as possible to its graphic representation. The dimensions on the plans match the dimensions in the instructions and are sized to be easily readable. The components in each plan are represented as large as possible on the page, while still in proportion to each other, so the dimensions on the plans will seldom match the measurements on your ruler.

Additional information:

Ages:  6-12
Length:  71 pages
Format:  Paperback,
Illustrations:  Black and white, and color
Year published:  2021
ISBN:  978-1-563334-154-8
Genres:  Art, Craft-work

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Table of Contents

Series I — From the Square
     1.       Box and Lid
     2.       Basket
     3.       Coal Scuttle
     4.       Barn
     5.       Rabbit Hutch
     6.       Trough
     7.       High Back Chair
     8.       Arm Chair
     9.       Settle
     10.     Cart

Series II — From the Oblong

     1.       Kite
     2.       Bookmark
     3.       Screen
     4.       Match Box
     5.       Kitchen Table
     6.       Hexagonal Table
     7.       Pocket Book
     8.       Bed
     9.       Music Stool

     10.     Photograph Frame

     11.     Long Envelope

     12.     Envelope
     13.     Chest of Drawers
     14.     Cupboard
     15.     Clock
     16.     Piano
     17.     Card Case
     18.     Cradle
     19.     Washing Tub
     20.     Folded Box
     21.     Tray
     22.     Pigeon House
     23.     Esquimaux Sled

Series III — Miscellaneous Examples

     1.       Milk Pail
     2.       Box with Lid
     3.       Hen Coop
     4.       Post Card Stand
     5.       Potting Shed
     6.       Triangular Box
     7.       Square Box
     8.       Pillar Box
     9.       Post Box
     10.     Pigeon House
     11.     Log Cabin

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