Outdoor Secrets

by Margaret P. Boyle

Description: A wonderfully imaginative exploration of the natural world, conveyed through a series of stories. Whether they are meeting the Apple Tree in spring, learning about Mr. Worm’s odd dining habits, or watching a small Goldenrod seed break through rocky earth, readers will find much to engage them in every one of these tales. Ideal reading for any season.

Additional information:

Ages:  6-8
Format: Ebook
Illustrations:  Black and white
Year published:  2014
ISBN:  978-1-59915-995-9
Genres:  Natural History, Nature Stories

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Table of Contents

1. How the Apple-Blossom Came Back
2. The Century Plant's Wish 
3. The Uninvited Guest 
4. What the Golden-Rod Did 
5. The Horse Chestnut's Name 
6. A Tree's Useless Life 
7. A Rainy Day Sermon 
8. The Selfish Salvia 
9. Who Knocked? 
10. A Disobedient Tree 

11. The Bumblebee's Mistake
12. A Brave Plant 
13. The Sad End of a Little Fly 
14. The Sower 
15. The Baby Plants' Bed Coverings 
16. A Family Quarrel 
17. Two True Stories about Robins 
18. The Idle Chipmunk 
19. The Troubled Apple-Tree

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