Our Young Folks' Josephus

by William Shepard

Description:  Flavius Josephus was a Roman historian from the first century AD who wrote a number of very important manuscripts that provide much of the historical information that we rely on to this day about the first millennium of human civilization. This book adapts the accounts from two of Josephus's most important documents, translating them into a thoroughly readable narrative suitable for the young student of history. Beginning with the story of Abraham, it blends stories familiar from the Old Testament with stories of historical figures known from other contexts, such as Alexander the Great, offering a sense of how the historical world of the Bible blended together with the history of the Ancient Greeks and Romans.

Additional information:

Ages:  8-12
Format:  Ebook
Illustrations:  Black and white
Year published:  2013
ISBN:  978-1-59915-964-5
Genres:  History, World History

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Table of Contents

1. Abraham, the Founder of the Jewish Race
2. The Sacrifice of Isaac
3. Rebekah
4. Jacob and Esau
5. Jacob Flies from Esau
6. The Meeting of Jacob and Esau
7. Joseph and His Brethren
8. Joseph Is Sold into Bondage
9. How Joseph Had His Brethren in Subjection
10. The Sufferings of the Children of Israel
11. The Bravery of Moses
12. How Moses Fled out of Egypt to Midian
13. The Ten Plagues of Egypt
14. The Crossing of the Red Sea
15. The Fall of Manna
16. The Victory over the Amalekites
17. How Moses Entertained His Father-in-law, Jethro
18. Moses Ascends Mount Sinai
19. The Building of the Tabernacle
20. Moses Conducts the People to the Borders of Canaan
21. The Children of Israel Murmur against Moses
22. The Israelites Defeat King Sihon and King Og
23. The Prophet Balaam
24. The Death of Moses
25. Joshua Makes War with the Canaanites
26. The People of Gibeon
27. The Destruction of the Benjamites
28. Deborah and Barak
29. Gideon
30. Abimelech and the Other Judges Succeeding Gideon
31. The Mischiefs Samson Wrought upon the Philistines
32. The Story of Ruth
33. The Boy Samuel
34. The Return of the Ark
35. Saul Is Chosen King
36. The Defeat of the Ammonites
37. The Sin of Saul
38. David and Goliath
39. Saul Again Persecutes David
40. David Flees from Saul
41. Saul's Adventure in the Cave
42. The Wife of Nabal
43. Saul Again Pursues David
44. The Witch of Endor
45. The Death of Saul
46. David Is Made King of Israel
47. The Removal of the Ark
48. The Sin of David
49. The Rebellion of Absalom
50. The Death of Absalom
51. David Is Restored to His Kingdom
52. God Sends a Pestilence upon the Israelites
53. The Death of David
54. The Reign of Solomon
55. The Queen of Sheba
56. The Sin of Solomon
57. The Folly of Rehoboam
58. How Jeroboam Was Punished by God
59. The Successors of Rehoboam
60. Asa, King of Judah
61. Ahab, King of Israel
62. The Miracles of Elijah
63. Naboth's Vineyard
64. How Benhadad Made Two Expeditions against Ahab
65. The Death of Ahab
66. Jehosaphat, King of Judah
67. Ahaziah, King of Israel
68. Jehoram, King of Israel
69. The Miracles of Elisha
70. Concerning Jehoram, King of Judah
71. The Death of Jehoram, King of Israel
72. Jehoash Is Made King of Judah
73. The Death of Elisha
74. Amaziah, King of Judah
75. The Prophet Jonah
76. Uzziah, King of Judah
77. The Kings of Israel
78. Ahaz, King of Judah

79. The Destruction of the Kingdom of Israel
80. The Destruction of Sennacherib's Army
81. Manasseh and Ammon, Kings of Judah
82. Josiah, King of Judah
83. The Invasion of Nebuchadnezzar
84. The Murder of Gedaliah
85. Daniel
86. Belshazzar's Feast
87. Daniel in the Lion's Den
88. The Delivery of the Jews from Bondage
89. Esdras
90. Nehemiah the Cup-Bearer
91. The Story of Esther
92. Bagoses Defiles the Temple
93. Manasseh
94. Alexander the Great
95. Ptolemy Sotor
96. Ptolemy Philadelphus
97. Ptolemy Euergetes
98. Hyrcanus, the Son of Joseph
99. Antiochus Epiphanes
100. Mattathias
101. Judas Maccabeus
102. How Judas Maccabeus Won Two Great Victories
103. The Death of Judas Maccabeus
104. Jonathan
105. Alexander Bala
106. Defeat and Death of Alexander Bala
107. Demetrius Nicator
108. The Revolt of Trypho
109. Death of Simon Maccabeus
110. John Hyrcanus
111. Aristobulus
112. Alexander Janneus
113. Alexander and the Pharisees
114. Pompey Takes Jerusalem
115. Antipater and His Sons
116. Herod Kills Malichus
117. Herod and Phasael Are Made Tetrarchs
118. Herod Overcomes Antigonus and Takes Jerusalem
119. Herod Defeats the Arabians
120. Herod Commits Terrible Crimes
121. Death of Herod
122. The False Alexander
123. Caius (Caligula) Becomes Emperor of Rome
124. The Death of Agrippa
125. The Revolt of the Jews against Florus
126. Agrippa Vainly Attempts To Avert the War
127. The Defeat of Cestius
128. John of Gischala
129. Vespasian Is Sent against the Jews
130. Siege of Jotapata
131. The Capture of Josephus
132. The Destruction of Joppa
133. The Fate of the People of Taricheæ
134. Taking of Itybarium and Gamala
135. The Surrender of Gischala
136. The Zealots
137. The Zealots Wrangle among Themselves
138. Titus Surrounds Jerusalem
139. A Successful Stratagem
140. The Jewish Factions Unite
141. The Romans Suffer a Repulse
142. The Jews Destroy the Roman Works
143. Titus Builds a Wall around Jerusalem
144. The Romans Make an Assault upon the Antonia
145. The Antonia Is Destroyed
146. The Destruction of the Temple
147. The Warnings Given to the Jews
148. Titus Takes the Upper City
149. Jerusalem Is Destroyed
150. Titus Rewards and Dismisses His Army
151. Vespasian and His Sons Celebrate a Triumph
152. The Conquests of Bassus
153. The Fortress of Massada
154. The Fall of Massada
155. The Temple in Egypt Is Closed
156. The Sedition in Cyrene

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