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At Gateway to the Classics readers can find one of the best online collections of classic literature for children and the young at heart.

Our library of books to read online includes hundreds of titles in a wide variety of genres, with special emphasis on history, literature, and natural history. In addition to the thousands of stories we make available to readers, we now offer a collection of over 2500 poems. A small number of audio recordings of books, poems, and songs are also accessible from some devices. 

Additionally, we are delighted to offer our popular Kindergarten Read Aloud Banquet and First Grade Read Aloud Banquet at Gateway to the Classics at no charge to readers around the world. With a smartphone, tablet, or computer, readers can readily access a new story, song, poem, and rhyme with accompanying illustrations every day of the year. Look for our blog posts at A Culture of Reading that introduce the Kindergarten Banquet and the First Grade Banquet, as well as offer more ideas about how to use them.

Our blog, A Culture of Reading, is dedicated to promoting literacy and education by helping others establish a culture of reading in their homes and beyond. Here we write about books we love, the process of learning to read, the benefits of reading aloud, how to establish good reading habits, and more.

We use this site to inform readers about new titles, new offerings, and new features at Gateway to the Classics, as well as to encourage readers to explore more of our existing content. We also feature print books we have published at Yesterday's Classics and give detailed reviews and suggestions for their use.

This post, This Way to Christmas with Ruth Sawyer, gives a glimpse of how we may help you discover titles available at Gateway to the Classics, and incorporate them into your reading. "A History for Peter" Shows Us What It Means To Be American, on the other hand, is an example of one of our posts about the print books we publish through Yesterday's Classics.

You can find a complete listing of all our posts on our Directory page. We invite you to join the conversation at A Culture of Reading!

Beginning in 1999 Yesterday's Classics offered free online texts for two decades through the Baldwin Online Children's Literature Project at mainlesson.com. Now we offer those free online texts and many more at Gateway to the Classics.