Our Mission

Yesterday's Classics was formed in 2005 to republish classic books for children in high-quality paperback, and later high-quality ebook, editions. These books were first published in the golden age of children's literature from 1880 to 1920, and many have been long out of print. 

In order to make the best children's books accessible to all, we originally began making many of these books available for free over the internet at the Baldwin Online Children's Literature Project (or Baldwin Project, for short) in 1999.  Then, several years later, we began publishing a selection of those titles in print editions, followed by ebook publications.

Publication of new print and ebooks continues to this day, in addition to the periodic release of new ebook treasuries and sets. Our mission of republishing books from the golden age of children's literature remains unchanged; each day we aspire to make classic children's literature more accessible to individuals, schools, and families around the world.