Ordering, Shipping, & Return Policies

Why are there different shopping carts for print and ebooks?

Orders that you place for print books have to be forwarded by us to our printer. We use a different vendor with a different shopping cart for ebooks so that the ebooks you order can be delivered to you as soon as your payment is processed.

Is there any difference between the books you sell on your website and the Yesterday's Classics titles available from Amazon?

No, they are all printed by the same printer from the same source file.

The three titles in the “A History for Peter” series by Gerald W. Johnson are only available for sale at our website due to contractual obligations. All our other titles are available at Amazon, though it is Amazon’s choice whether to stock them or not.

Where are the books shipped from when I purchase books through Yesterday's Classics?

After you complete your purchase online, our printer will print your books specifically for you and then ship them to the address you provide from one of their four distribution centers, located in La Vergne, TN, Breinigsville, PA, Fairfield, OH, and Fresno, CA. Books with color illustrations are typically printed and shipped separately from black and white books, often from a different facility.

How long does the printing process typically take when I order through Yesterday's Classics?

All our books are printed on demand. Under ordinary circumstances, the time to print books you order is typically 5 business days, and even longer during seasonal rushes. 

Most orders of 10 or more books are shipped directly from the printer via UPS Ground, while smaller orders are sent via USPS Media Mail, as are all orders being shipped to a PO Box. Color books are typically shipped separately from black and white books.

If your order is not time sensitive or if you don’t mind waiting a bit for your books to arrive, you are welcome to order from our website. However, if you would like to receive your books sooner, we recommend you order from Amazon instead.

I try to support small businesses whenever I can. Is it better for Yesterday’s Classics if I order through your website instead of Amazon?

It’s entirely up to you!

If you would prefer to take advantage of Prime shipping, by all means, order through Amazon. Sometimes Amazon offers discounts on our titles, while other times they add surcharges, so you may want to compare our price to theirs before deciding. But, if you would rather not order through Amazon for whatever reason you are always welcome to purchase your books through our website.

When I clicked on the link to purchase a book from Amazon, it says the book is out of stock. What’s going on?

Although most of the Yesterday's Classics books are available at Amazon, they do seem to go in and out of availability as customer demand fluctuates. Some books are listed as "In stock" or "Available to ship in 1-2 days," others as "Available to ship in 2 to 3 months."

Unfortunately this stocking fluctuation is not something we have any control over. If the book you want to purchase is out of stock at Amazon and you are willing to wait however long for your purchase, by all means, order from Amazon. If you would prefer not to wait, you can order that title from our site instead.

I want to buy your book from Amazon, but am concerned that I'm going to purchase another company's edition by accident. How can I avoid this?

We recommend either typing the name of the book and "Yesterday's Classics" into the Amazon search bar, or navigating to the individual book page on the YC website and clicking on the button under "Purchase book at Amazon." We pride ourselves on the quality of our books and definitely wouldn't want you to end up with another edition by mistake!

When I went to purchase one of your books from Amazon, the price was different than the price you list on your website. Why is there a discrepancy, and what should I do?

These price discrepancies are also something that we are not able to control. If the price shown at Amazon is higher than the price shown on our site, it is likely due to a surcharge from Amazon, which can add a considerable amount to the price of a book. But, on the other hand, Amazon sometimes offers our books at a discounted price, so it may be worth your while to check. 

In other instances, the book may be out of stock at Amazon and only available from third-party sellers. Usually when a third-party vendor sells our books, the price is also higher with added shipping charges.

If the book you are interested in is in stock at Amazon at a reasonable price, feel free to order there. If not, ordering through our site is always an option.

How much will the shipping cost if I order print books from your site?

There is a $6.00 flat-rate shipping charge.

If I order through your site, am I able to return my book(s)?

No, we cannot accept returns because we do not maintain a stock of books at our location, nor do we ship from our location.

If it is important to you to be able to return the Yesterday's Classics books you order online, please order through Amazon.

Do you have a printable order form that I can use for a larger or group order?

Yes, absolutely. You can email or mail your completed order form to us using the information provided on our Contact page. 

What if I have more questions about books or have a question about ordering that wasn't answered here?

Please reach out to us with whatever other questions or concerns you have. We love helping our customers in any way that we can! You can find all our contact info on our Contact page.