Music and Its Story

by Robert T. White

Description:  Engaging introduction to the history of music, beginning with the earliest instruments playing simple notes in a primitive setting and proceeding to follow over the long course of history the development of instruments, the increase in musical complexity, the variety of musical forms, and expansion of settings in which music is played. Advances in these four strands were not independent though, and the author takes pains to show how advances in one led to advances in another. In the course of the book the reader learns much about the development of solo instruments and the growth of the modern orchestra, the introduction of harmony and development of musical forms such as fugues, sonatas, symphonies, and concertos, and the role music has played in both religious and secular settings. Includes over four dozen melodic excerpts illustrating the concepts described.

Additional information:

Ages:  13-18
Length:  231 pages
Format:  Paperback
Illustrations:  Black and white
Year published:  2022
ISBN:  978-1-63334-164-7
Genres:  Music

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Table of Contents

1. The Beginnings of Music
2. Early Stages of Music
3. Greek and Roman Music
4. Folk-Music
5. Music in the Early Church
6. Introduction of Harmony
7. Music in the Fifteenth Century
8. Music in the Sixteenth Century
9. Music and the Reformation
10. Secular Music
11. Tudor Music

12. Opera and Oratorio
13. Handel and Bach
14. Form and Expression

15. Beethoven
16. Schubert—Romanticism
17. Berlioz—“Programme Music”
18. The Later Classical Period
19. Wagner
20. Music and Nationality
21. Later Developments

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