Mary’s Grammar

by Jane Marcet

Description:  An engaging introduction to grammar through the conversations Mary shares with her mother. Stories are interspersed periodically to enliven the short lessons on grammar. The author of this book, Jane Marcet, was a prolific writer in the first half of the 19th century. Her success lay in her ability to explain complex concepts in simple language to a broad audience, to adults as well as to children. In her works for children, she guides the youthful reader to discovery, prompting her to be observant and engendering in her a thirst for further knowledge.

Additional information:

Ages:  7-10
Length:  322 pages
Format:  Paperback, Ebook
Illustrations:  None
Year published:  2010
ISBN:  978-1-59915-121-2
Genres:  Language, English Grammar

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Table of Contents

1. Nouns
2. Classes of Nouns 
3. Pronouns 
4. The Bee 
5. Adjectives 
6. Comparison of Adjectives 
7. Articles 
8. Indefinite Articles 
9. The Hen and Chickens 
10. Verbs 
11. Passive Verbs 
12. The Fisherman 
13. Adverbs of Manner 
14. Adverbs of Time and Place 
15. Other Classes of Adverbs 
16. The Sponge Cakes 
17. Prepositions 
18. Conjunctions 
19. Interjections 
20. The Crust of Bread 
21. Parsing, Part I 
22. Parsing, Part II 
23. Parsing, Part III 
24. Questions and Answers, Lessons I to XVIII 
25. Nouns—Number 
26. Nouns—Gender 

27. Blind Tommy
28. Nouns—Cases 
29. Nouns—Objective Case 
30. Nouns—Uses of Cases 
31. The Secret 
32. Personal Pronouns 
33. Possessive Pronouns 
34. The Coat and Buttons 
35. Relative Pronouns 
36. Demonstrative Pronouns 
37. Time and Place 
38. Other Types of Pronouns 
39. Curiosity 
40. Verbs—Infinitive Mode 
41. Verbs—Indicative Mode 
42. Verbs—Subjunctive Mode 
43. Verbs—Summary of Modes 
44. Verbs—Participles 
45. The Rival Friends 
46. Auxiliary Verbs 
47. Verbs—Tenses 
48. The Verb To Be 
49. Construction of Passive Verbs 
50. Sheep Stealing 
51. Questions and Answers, Lessons XIX to XXXVIII

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