Lyra Heroica

by William Ernest Henley

Description:  A choice introduction to heroic poetry for English readers. This wide-ranging collection of poems is designed to stir the imagination and inspire lofty thoughts in those approaching maturity. As Henley states in the preface, his ambition is "to set forth the beauty and the joy of living, the beauty and blessedness of death, the glory of battle and adventure, the nobility of devotion-to a cause, an ideal, a passion even-the dignity of resistance, the sacred quality of patriotism." The compiler gives first place to "Agincourt" by Shakespeare, thinking "that a book of heroism could have no better starting-point than that heroic pair of names," and closes with "The Flag of England" by Kipling, fitting bookends for this fine anthology. In between are 124 other poems by 57 other poets with only Milton, Burns, Wordsworth, Scott, Byron, Macaulay, Longfellow, Whitman, Arnold, and Swinburne represented by three or more poems. The poems of each poet are grouped together, with ordering of poets by birthdate. A section of ballads is included, as a transition between the older poets and the newer ones. 

Additional information:

Ages:  13-18
Length:  292 pages
Format:  Paperback
Illustrations:  Black and white
Year published:  2022
ISBN:  978-1-63334-165-4
Genres:  Poetry, Anthologies

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Table of Contents

William Shakespeare and Michael Drayton
   1. Agincourt
Sir Henry Wotton
   2. Lord 
of Himself
Ben Jonson
   3. True Balm
   4. Honour in Bud
John Fletcher

   5. The Joy 
of Battle

Francis Beaumont
   6. In Westminster Abbey
Robert Herrick
   7. Going A-Maying
   8. To Anthea, Who May Command Him Anything
George herbert
   9. Memento Mori
James Shirley
   10. The King 
of Kings
John Milton
    11. Lycidas
   12. Arms 
and the Muse
   13. To 
The Lord General
   14. The Late Massacre
   15. On His Blindness
   16. Eyeless 
at Gaza
   17. Out 
of Adversity
James Graham, Marquis 
of Montrose
   18. Heroic Love
Richard Lovelace
   19. Going
to the Wars
   20. From Prison
Andrew Marvell
   21. Two Kings
   22. In Exile
John Dryden
   23. Alexander's Feast
Samuel Johnson
   24. The Quiet Life

   25. Chevy Chace
   26. Sir Patrick Spens
   27. Brave Lord Willoughby
   28. Hughie
the GrÆME
   29. Kinmont Willie
   30. The Honour
of Bristol
   31. Helen
of Kirkconnell
   32. The Twa Corbies
Thomas Gray
   33. The Bard
William Cowper
   34. The Royal George
   35. Boadicea
of Gartmore
   36. To His Lady
   37. Constancy
   38. The Perfect Sailor
John Philpot Curran
   39. The Deserter
Prince Hoare
   40. The Arethusa
William Blake
   41. The Beauty
of Terror
Robert Burns
   42. Defiance
   43. The Goal
of Life
   44. Before Parting
   45. Devotion
   46. True Until Death
William Wordsworth
   47. Venice
   48. Destiny
   49. The Mother Land
   50. Ideal
   51. To Duty
   52. Two Victories
Sir Walter Scott
   53. In Memoriam
   54. Lochinvar
   55. Flodden
   56. The Chase
   57. The Outlaw
   58. Pibroch
   59. The Omnipotent
   60. The Red Harlaw
   61. Farewell
   62. Bonny Dundee
Samuel Taylor Coleridge
   63. Romance
Walter Savage Landor
   64. Sacrifice
Thomas Campbell
   65. Soldier and Sailor
   66. ‘Ye Mariners’
 The Battle
of the Baltic

Ebenezer Elliott
   68. Battle Song

Allan Cunningham
   69. Loyality
   70. A Sea-Song
Bryant Waller Procter
   71. A Song 
of the Sea
George Gordon, Lord Byron
   72. Sennacherib
   73. The Storming 
of Corinth

   74. Alhama
   75. Friendship
   76. The Race 
with Death
   77. The Glory 
that was Greece
   78. Hail 
and Farewell

Charles Wolfe

   79. After Coruna
Frederick Marryat
   80. The Old Navy
Felicia Hemans
   81. Casabianca
   82. The Pilgrim Fathers
John Keats
   83. To
the Adventures
Thomas Babington, Lord Macaulay
   84. Horatius
   85. The Armada
   86. The Last Buccaneer
   87. A Jacobite's Epitaph
Robert Stephen Hawker
   88. The Song
of the Western Men
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
   89. The Building
of the Ship
   90. The Discoverer
of the North Cape
   91. The Cumberland
   92. A Dutch Picture
John Greenleaf Whittier
   93. Barbara Frietchie
Alfred, Lord Tennyson
   94. A Ballad
of the Fleet
   95. The Heavy Brigade
Sir Francis Hastings Doyle
   96. The Private
of the Buffs
   97. The Red Thread
of Honour
Robert Browning
   98. Home Thoughts
from the Sea
   99. Herv
É Riel
Walt Whitman
   100. The Dying Fireman
   101. A Sea-Fight
   102. Beat! Beat! Drums!
   103. Two Veterans
Charles Kingsley
   104. The Pleasant Isle
of  AvÈS
   105. A Welcome
Sir Henry Yule
   106. The Birkenhead
Matthew Arnold
   107. Apollo
   108. The Death
of Sohrab
   109. Flee Fro’
The Press
William Cory
   110. School Fencibles
   111. The Two Captains
George Meredith
   112. The Head
of Bran
William Morris
   113. The Slaying
of the Niblungs
Alfred Austin
   114. Is Life Worth Living?
Sir Alfred Lyall
   115. Theology
in Extremis
Algernon Charles Swinburne
   116. The Oblation
   117. England
   118. The Jacobite
in Exile
Bret Harte
   119. The Reveill
   120. What
the Bullet Sang
Austin Dobson
   121. A Ballad
of the Armada
Andrew Lang
   122. The White Pacha
Robert Louis Stevenson
   123. Mother
and Son
Henry Charles Beeching
   124. Prayers
Rudyard Kipling
   125. A Ballad
of East and West
   126. The Flag
of England

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