Jack’s Insects

by Edmund Selous

Description:  When Jack receives a book on insects for his birthday, Maggie wishes one could get 'into' a book. And so they do, experiencing adventures with insects of all sorts as they 'travel' through the book. Along the way they encounter a butterfly with a grievance, extraordinary caterpillars, a hungry spider, a distinguished musician (a katydid), as well as fireflies, locusts, grasshoppers, wasps, bees, and more. Each animal is brought to life so vividly through the story that the reader unconsciously absorbs the details of its existence: its physical characteristics, its habits and preferences, and its interactions with other animals.

Additional information:

Ages:  9-11
Length:  430 pages
Format:  Paperback, Ebook
Illustrations:  Black and white
Year published:  2011
ISBN:  978-1-59915-381-0
Genres:  Natural History, Animal Stories

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Table of Contents

1. Inside the Book
2. Jack Promises the Great Morpho Butterfly 
3. The Quite Unintentional Insult 
4. A Butterfly with a Grievance and Other Butterflies 
5. Caterpillars Extraordinary 
6. Very Surprising Adventures 
7. Jack and Maggie Have Their Lives Saved 
8. All Full of Glory and Grandeur 
9. A Very Distinguished Musician 
10. Jack and Maggie Go to a Concert 

11. A Very Classical Insect

12. A Remarkable Autobiography
13. Jack and Maggie Are Found To Be Not Quite in Tune 
14. A Queer Trial without Any Verdict 
15. A Flying Visit to Mexico 
16. Jack and Maggie Drop Off with the Conversation 
17. A Visit to Diving-Bell Hall 
18. The Raft-Spider Does Her Very Best 
19. Jack and Maggie Are Presented at Court 
20. Into the Bee-Hive and out of the Book

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