Jack and Jill

by Louisa May Alcott

Description:  A sledding accident sends friends Jack and Jill to bed for months, one with a broken leg, the other with an injured back. After a short period of self-pity, they decide to make the most of their convalescence. And so with the help of their friends and their mothers, they find all sorts of imaginative ways to keep themselves amused.

Additional information:

Ages:  10-12
Format:  Ebook
Illustrations:  Black and white
Year published:  2014
ISBN:  978-1-59915-821-1
Genres:  Literature, Fiction

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Table of Contents

1. The Catastrophe
2. Two Penitents
3. Ward No. 1
4. Ward No. 2
5. Secrets
6. Surprises
7. Jill's Mission
8. Merry and Molly
9. The Debating Club
10. The Dramatic Club
11. "Down Brakes"
12. The Twenty-Second of February
13. Jack Has a Mystery

12. The Twenty-Second of February
13. Jack Has a Mystery
14. And Jill Finds It Out
15. Saint Lucy
16. Up at Merry's
17. Down at Molly's
18. May Baskets
19. Good Templars
20. A Sweet Memory
21. Pebbly Beach
22. A Happy Day
23. Cattle Show
24. Down the River

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