Indian Fables

by P. V. Ramaswami Raju

Description:  An appealing collection of more than a hundred Indian fables that are delightful as well as short, pithy, and ingenious. Each fable has its separate moral in prose or rhyme; these are often epigrams of the shrewdest kind, full of wit and subtlety. Most of these fables are likely to be new to the majority of readers. In the characters of animals the same rules are observed as in Western fables. As the symbol of strength, the lion (or, in one or two instances, the tiger) is king, the fox is the symbol of cunning, the bear of inert power, the wolf of ferocity, the owl of assumed wisdom, and so forth.

Additional information:

Ages:  7-10
Length:  160 pages
Format:  Paperback, Ebook
Illustrations:  Black and white
Year published:  2009
ISBN:  978-1-59915-374-2
Genres:  Literature, Indian Fables

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Table of Contents

1. The Glow-worm and the Daw
2. The King and His Vassal 
3. The Fox and the Villagers 
4. The Lion, the Stag, and the Fox 
5. Tinsel and Lightning 
6. The Monkey and the Looking-glass 
7. The Fawn and the Little Tiger 
8. The Lion, the Fox, and the Star 
9. The Sea, the Fox, and the Wolf 
10. The Four Owls 
11. The Tiger, the Wolf, and the Fox 
12. The Fox and the Farmer's Dog 
13. The Fox in the Well 
14. The Birds and the Lime 
15. The Wealthy Man and the String 
16. The Sword, the Razor, and the Strop 
17. The Well-bred and the Ill-bred 
18. The Drum and the Soldiers 
19. The Owls and the Crows 
20. The Fish and the Eagle 
21. The Camel and the Pig 
22. The Frog and the Snake 
23. The Dove and the Grasshopper 
24. The Sun and the Glow-worm 
25. The Fox and the Crabs 
26. The Assembly of Animals 
27. The Worm and the Sun 
28. The Dog and the Dog-dealer 
29. The Banquet of the Beasts 
30. The Beasts and the Fishes 
31. The Wise Man and His Two Pupils 
32. The Lion and His Cub 
33. The Peacock, the Goose, and the Turkey 
34. The Fools and the Drum 
35. The Fox and the Tame Elephant 
36. The Smithy 
37. The Ram, the Ewe, and the Wolf 
38. The Rag and the Ribbon 
39. The Man of Luck and the Man of Pluck 
40. The Thief and the Fox 
41. The Snake and the Parrot 
42. The Workman and the Trees 
43. The Elephant and the Fly 
44. The Man and the Snake 
45. The Sparrow and the Sea 
46. The Snakes and the Eels 
47. The Owl and His School 
48. The Cock and His Three Hens 
49. The Fox and His Shadow 
50. The Sun, the Wise Men, and the Wag 
51. The Raven and the Cattle 
52. The Nymphs, Luck and Ill-luck 
53. The Peacock and the Crow 

54. The Miser and the Money Tree
55. The Pigs and the Sage 
56. The Owl and the Echo 
57. The Ass and the Watch-dog 
58. The Tiger and the Giraffe 
59. The Tiger, the Stag, and the Crocodile 
60. The Peacock and the Fox 
61. The Captain, the Soldier, and the Horses 
62. The Dog, the Wolf, and the Moon 
63. The Fool and His Fever 
64. The Elephant, the Frogs, and the Toad 
65. The Black Dog and the White Dog 
66. The Hare and the Pig 
67. The Elephant and the Ape 
68. The Raven, the Serpent, and the Bracelet 
69. The Wasp and the Prince 
70. The King, the Queen, and the Prime Minister 
71. The Tiger and the Hare 
72. The Lucky Man and the Sea 
73. The Lark and Its Young Ones 
74. The Peacock and the Tortoise 
75. The Crane, the Crab, and the Fish 
76. The Man and the Vault 
77. The Lotus, the Bees, and the Frogs 
78. The Crow and the Dawn 
79. The Tradesman and the Honest Servant 
80. The Tiger, the Fox, and the Hunters 
81. The Clever Minister 
82. The Farmer and the Fox 
83. The Kites, the Crows, and the Fox 
84. The Farmer and the Fox 
85. The Maid and the Wise Man 
86. The Man and His Piece of Cloth 
87. The Fox and the Dove 
88. The Lion and the Goat 
89. The Sage and the Animals 
90. The Two Gems 
91. The Crane and the Fool 
92. The Sun's Grandmamma 
93. The Lion, the Fox, and the Storyteller 
94. The Despot and the Wag 
95. The Lion and the Elephant 
96. The Sunling 
97. The Gentleman and the Sedan Bearers 
98. The Lion and the Gadfly 
99. The Sage and the Children 
100. The Mushroom and the Goose 
101. The Fox in a Warehouse 
102. The Cobbler and the Turkey 
103. The Frog and the King 
104. The Fish and Rain 
105. The Viper in the King's Garden 
106. The Hammer and the Anvil

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