In the Days of William the Conqueror

by Eva March Tappan

Description:  Story of the life of William the Conqueror, telling of his boyhood in Normandy, beset by dangers, of his knighting by the King of France and of the after-deeds which made him famous, including the conquest of England.

Additional information:

Ages:  11-15
Length:  239 pages
Format:  Paperback, Ebook
Illustrations:  Black and white
Year published:  2006
ISBN:  978-1-59915-036-9
Genres:  British History, Biography

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Table of Contents

1. That Which He Would Have 

2. The Banquet at Rouen

3. From Castle to Cottage 

4. Robert the Pilgrim 

5. The Little Duke

6. Guest or Prisoner?

7. "William Knows How"

8. A Visit to England

9. What He Has He Holds 

10. A Voice from the Cliff

11. Promise or Prison? 

12. On Board the "Mora" 

13. "England Is Mine" 

14. "Will You Yield?" 

15. A Stern Rule 

16. The Last Year

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