Hurlbut's Story of the Bible

by Jesse Lyman Hurlbut

Description:  A book which stands in such honor as the Bible should be known by all. And the time when one can most readily obtain a familiarity with the Bible is in early life. Those who in childhood learn the Story of the Bible are fortunate, for they will never forget it. In this unabridged and unedited edition you will find all the principal stories of the Bible, each one complete in itself, while together combining to form a continuous narrative. With 168 stories from both the Old Testament and the New Testament, there is ample material for a full year of reading.

Additional information:

Ages:  6-12
Length:  631 pages
Format:  Paperback, Ebook
Illustrations: Black and white (paperback),
                    Black and white/color (ebook)
Year published:  2007
ISBN:  978-1-59915-178-6
Genres:  Faith, Bible Stories

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Table of Contents

1. The Story of a Beautiful Garden 
2. The First Baby in the World and His Brother 
3. The Great Ship That Saved Eight People 
4. The Tower That Was Never Finished 
5. The Story of a Long Journey 
6. How Abram's Choice Brought Blessing 
7. The Angel by the Well 
8. The Rain of Fire That Fell on a City 
9. The Boy Who Became an Archer 
10. How an Angel's Voice Saved a Boy's Life 
11. The Story of a Journey after a Wife 
12. How Jacob Stole His Brother's Blessing 
13. Jacob's Wonderful Dream 
14. A Midnight Wrestling Match 
15. The Rich Man's Son Who Was Sold as a Slave 
16. From the Prison to the Palace 
17. How Joseph's Dream Came True 
18. A Lost Brother Found 
19. From the Land of Famine to the Land of Plenty 
20. The Beautiful Baby Who Was Found in a River 
21. The Voice from the Burning Bush 
22. The River That Ran Blood 
23. The Night When a Nation Was Born 
24. How Sea Became Dry Land and Sky Rained Bread 
25. The Mountain That Smoked and Words Spoken from It 
26. How Aaron Made a Golden Calf and What Became of It 
27. The Tent Where God Lived among His People 
28. How They Worshipped God in the Tabernacle 
29. What Strong Drink Brought to Aaron's Sons 
30. The Scapegoat in the Wilderness 
31. The Cluster of Grapes from the Land of Canaan 
32. How the Long Journey of the Israelites Ended 
33. What a Wise Man Learned from an Ass 
34. How Moses Looked Upon the Promised Land 
35. The Story of Job 
36. The Story of a Scarlet Cord 
37. How the River Jordan Became Dry 
38. The Story of a Wedge of Gold 
39. How Joshua Conquered the Land of Canaan 
40. The Old Man Who Fought against the Giants 
41. The Avenger of Blood and the Cities of Refuge 
42. The Story of an Altar beside the River 
43. The Present That Ehud Brought to King Eglon 
44. How a Woman Won a Great Victory 
45. Gideon and His Brave Three Hundred 
46. Jephthah's Rash Promise and What Came from It 
47. The Strong Man: How He Lived and How He Died 
48. The Idol Temple at Dan and Its Priest 
49. How Ruth Gleaned in the Field of Boaz 
50. The Little Boy with a Linen Coat 
51. How the Idol Fell Down before the Ark 
52. The Last of the Judges 
53. The Tall Man Who Was Chosen King 
54. How Saul Saved the Eyes of the Men of Jabesh 
55. The Brave Young Prince 
56. Saul's Great Sin and His Great Loss 
57. The Shepherd Boy of Bethlehem 
58. The Shepherd Boy's Fight with the Giant 
59. The Little Boy Looking for the Arrows 
60. Where David Found the Giant's Sword 
61. How David Spared Saul's Life 
62. The Last Days of King Saul 
63. The Shepherd Boy Becomes a King 
64. The Sound in the Treetops 
65. The Cripple at the King's Table 
66. The Prophet's Story of the Little Lamb 
67. David's Handsome Son and How He Stole the Kingdom 
68. Absalom in the Wood; David on the Throne 
69. The Angel with the Drawn Sword on Mount Moriah 
70. Solomon on This Father's Throne 
71. The Wise Young King 
72. The House of God on Mount Moriah 
73. The Last Days of Solomon's Reign 
74. The Breaking Up of a Great Kingdom 
75. The King Who Led Israel to Sin 
76. The Prophet Who Raised a Boy to Life 
77. The Prayer That Was Answered in Fire 
78. The Voice That Spoke to Elijah in the Mount 
79. The Wounded Prophet and His Story 
80. What Ahab Paid for His Vineyard 
81. The Arrow That Killed a King 
82. Elijah's Chariot of Fire 
83. A Spring Sweetened by Salt 
84. The Pot of Oil and the Pot of Poison 

85. The Little Boy at Shunem
86. How a Little Girl Helped To Cure a Leper 
87. The Chariots of Fire around Elisha 
88. What the Lepers Found in the Camp 
89. Jehu, the Furious Driver of His Chariot 
90. Elisha and the Bow; Jonah and Nineveh 
91. How the Ten Tribes Were Lost 
92. The First Four Kings of Judah 
93. The Little Boy Who Was Crowned King 
94. Three Kings and a Great Prophet 
95. The Good King Hezekiah 
96. The Lost Book Found in the Temple 
97. The Last Four Kings of Judah and the Prophet 
98. What Ezekiel Saw in the Valley 
99. The Jewish Captives in the Court of the King 
100. The Golden Image and the Fiery Furnace 
101. The Tree That Was Cut Down and Grew Again 
102. The Writing upon the Wall 
103. Daniel in the Den of Lions 
104. The Story of a Joyous Journey 
105. The New Temple on Mount Moriah 
106. The Beautiful Queen of Persia 
107. The Scribe Who Wrote the Old Testament 
108. The Nobleman Who Built the Wall of Jerusalem 
109. Ezra's Great Bible Class in Jerusalem 
110. The Angel by the Altar 
111. The Manger of Bethlehem 
112. The Star and the Wise Men 
113. The Boy in his Father's House 
114. The Prophet in the Wilderness 
115. Jesus in the Desert, and beside the River 
116. The Water Jars at the Wedding Feast 
117. The Stranger at the Well 
118. The Story of a Boy in Capernaum and a Riot 
119. A Net Full of Fishes 
120. The Leper and the Man Let Down through the Roof 
121. The Cripple at the Pool and the Withered Hand 
122. The Twelve Disciples and the Sermon on the Mount 
123. The Captain's Servant, Widow's Son, and Sinner 
124. Some Stories Jesus Told by the Sea 
125. "Peace, Be Still" 
126. The Little Girl Who Was Raised to Life 
127. A Dancing Girl and What Was Given Her 
128. The Feast beside the Sea and What Followed It 
129. The Answer to a Mother's Prayer 
130. The Glory of Jesus on the Mountain 
131. The Little Child in the Arms of Jesus 
132. At the Feast of Tabernacles 
133. The Man with Clay on His Face 
134. The Good Shepherd and the Good Samaritan 
135. Lazarus Raised to Life 
136. Some Parables in Perea 
137. The Poor Rich Man and the Rich Poor Man 
138. Jesus at Jericho 
139. Palm Sunday 
140. The Last Vistis of Jesus to the Temple 
141. The Parables on the Mount of Olives 
142. The Last Supper 
143. The Olive Orchard and the High Priests Hall 
144. The Crown of Thorns 
145. The Darkest Day of All the World 
146. The Brightest Day of All the World 
147. The Stranger on the Shore 
148. The Church of the First Days 
149. The Man at the Beautiful Gate 
150. The Right Way To Give, and the Wrong Way 
151. Stephen with the Shining Face 
152. The Man Reading in the Chariot 
153. The Voice That Spoke to Saul 
154. What Peter Saw by the Sea 
155. How the Iron Gate Was Opened 
156. The Earliest Missionaries 
157. The Song in the Prison 
158. Paul's Speech on the Hill 
159. Paul at Corinth 
160. Paul at Ephesus 
161. Paul's Last Journey to Jerusalem 
162. The Speech on the Stairs 
163. Two Years in Prison 
164. The Story That Paul Told to the King 
165. Paul in the Storm 
166. How Paul Came to Rome and How He Lived There 
167. The Throne of God 
168. The City of God

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