Home Geography

by C. C. Long

Description:  A series of short lessons on geography designed to awaken and stimulate children’s interest in that small part of the earth's surface lying just at their doors. In lesson after lesson children are directed to make their own observations and think about what they have seen, the idea being that from the geographical forms they observe near their homes, they will create mental images, that will help them imagine similar forms which are distant and unknown.

Additional information:

Ages:  7-9
Format:  Ebook
Illustrations:  Black and white
Year published:  2014
ISBN:  978-1-63334-506-5
Genres:  Geography

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Table of Contents

1. Position
2. How the Sun Shows Direction
3. How the Stars Show Direction
4. How the Compass Shows Direction
5. Questions on Direction
6. What the Winds Bring
7. How To Tell Distance
8. Pictures and Plans
9. Written Exercise
10. God Made Them All
11. Plains
12. Hills, Mountains, Valleys
13. Rain, Wind, and Snow
14. How Water Is Changed to Vapor
15. How Vapor Is Changed to Water
16. Dew, Clouds, and Rain
17. The Fairy Artist
18. How Rivers Are Made
19. More about Rivers
20. The Brook
21. Work of Flowing Rivers
22. Waterdrop's Story
23. The River

24. A Map
25. Forms of Land and Water
26. More about Forms of Land and Water
27. A Trip to the Highlands
28. Spring
29. Useful Vegetables
30. Useful Grains
31. Fruits
32. Useful Plants
33. Forest Trees
34. Flowers
35. What Is Necessary To Make Plants Grow
36. Summer Rain
37. The Parts of the Animals
38. The Covering of Animals
39. Uses of Animals
40. The Signs of the Seasons
41. Things Found in the Earth
42. More Things Found in the Earth
43. How People Live and What They Are Doing
44. More about What People Are Doing
45. A Review Lesson

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