Holiday Hill

by Edith M. Patch

Description:  Any hill covered with blossoming blueberries, checkerberries, and cranberries must be a very special place indeed. In the fall, the hill will be covered in autumnal gold; in winter, one may attempt to sled down it! But no matter when one goes, they are sure to encounter gigantic boulders to clamber over, a venerable pair of garter snakes, a set of American elm trees, and perhaps even Little Snowshoes the rabbit.

Additional information:

Ages:  8-10
Length:  94 pages
Format:  Paperback, Ebook
Illustrations:  Black and white
Year published:  2020
ISBN:  978-1-63334-049-7
Genres:  Nature Study

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Table of Contents

1. The Signs on the Hill
2. The Old Boulder
3. Heath Bells and Berries
4. The Cone Hunt
5. A Tuft of Evening Primroses
6. A Strange Cloak

7. Sir Talis
8. The Vase and the Plume
9. Port of Elm
10. Junco
11. Little Snowshoes

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