Heart of Dakota

Heart of Dakota is a comprehensive curriculum in 12 volumes, inspired by Charlotte Mason, that can be used for ages 5 to 18. It relies heavily on a wide assortment of living books in its Bible-based curriculum. Listed below are the titles published by Yesterday's Classics that are included in Heart of Dakota.

Streams of History: Ancient Greece
by Ellwood Wadsworth Kemp

Streams of History: Ancient Rome
by Ellwood Wadsworth Kemp

The Little Lame Prince
by Dinah Maria Mulock

Birds of the Air
by Arabella B. Buckley

Tales from Shakespeare
by Charles and Mary Lamb

The Story of Sir Walter Raleigh
by Margaret Duncan Kelly

The Story of Napoleon
by H. E. Marshall

Florence Nightingale
by Laura E. Richards

Four American Inventors
by Frances M. Perry