Handbook of Nature Study: Mammals

by Anna B. Comstock

Description: Beginning with the small wild animals that children encounter around their homes, section six of Handbook of Nature Study describes the characteristics and habits of rabbits, mice, woodchucks, squirrels, raccoons, and chipmunks, among others. Then the narrative proceeds to domesticated animals, starting with the dog and cat, and continuing with the goat, sheep, horse, cow, and pig. Every chapter includes suggestions that guide observations.

Additional information:

Ages:  12-18
Format:  Ebook
Illustrations:  Black and white
Year Published:  2013
ISBN:  978-1-59915-609-5
Genres:  Natural History, Nature Studies

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Table of Contents

1. Introduction 
2. The Cotton-tail Rabbit 
3. The Muskrat 
4. The House Mouse 
5. The Woodchuck 
6. The Red Squirrel or Chickaree 
7. Furry 
8. The Chipmunk 
9. The Little Brown Bat 
10. The Skunk 

11. The Raccoon
12. The Wolf 
13. The Fox 
14. Dogs 
15. The Cat 
16. The Goat 
17. The Sheep 
18. The Horse 
19. Cattle 
20. The Pig

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