Great Expectations

by Charles Dickens

Description:  Great Expectations gives us many of Dickens’ best-known and beloved characters — Pip the idealistic orphan, the reclusive Miss Havisham, and Abel Magwitch, the escaped convict. In this coming of age tale, Pip aches for a better life and learns as he grows that many things and people are not as they seem, and that our actions have effects far beyond those we might have imagined.

Additional information:

Ages:  12-18
Format:  Ebook
Illustrations:  Black and white, color
Year published:  2016
ISBN:  978-1-63334-567-6
Genres:  Literature, Fiction

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Table of Contents

1. A Grave Encounter
2. Mr. and Mrs. Joe Gargery
3. Breakfast at the Battery
4. On Christmas Day
5. The Sergeant's Search Party
6. Pip Wrestles with His Conscience
7. Joe's Story
8. Miss Havisham and Estella
9. Pip Recounts Marvels
10. The Stranger at the Three Jolly Bargemen
11. Visitors at the Manor House
12. Pip Grows Taller
13. Bound as Joe's Apprentice
14. An Ungracious Condition of Mind
15. The Half-Holiday
16. What Became of Mrs. Joe
17. Pip Confides in Biddy
18. An Unexpected Change of Fortune
19. Preparations for Departure
20. Arriving in London
21. Barnard's Inn
22. The Friendship of the Pale Young Gentleman
23. The Home of Mr. Matthew Pocket
24. Pip Establishes Himself
25. Mr. Wemmick's Castle
26. Dining with Mr. Jaggers
27. A Visit from Joe
28. A Frightful Coincidence
29. More Beautiful Than Ever
30. Pip Confides in Herbert

31. Mr. Wopsle's Hamlet
32. The Prisoners at Newgate
33. A Carriage for Estella
34. Herbert and Handel Look into Their Affairs
35. An Interment
36. Pip Comes of Age
37. Mr. Wemmick's Assistance
38. Estella's Suitors
39. An Unexpected Guest
40. Concealing Mr. Provis
41. Pip and Herbert Commiserate
42. The Story Magwitch Told
43. Drummle at the Blue Boar
44. Pip Bares His Heart
45. Wemmick's Warning
46. In Hiding at Mill Pond Bank
47. Like a Ghost
48. Mr. Jaggers's Housekeeper
49. Miss Havisham's Remorse
50. Herbert's Report
51. Pip Confronts Jaggers
52. Mysterious Instructions
53. In the Sluice House by the Limekiln
54. A Fateful Journey
55. A Holiday with Mr. Wemmick
56. Visits with Magwitch
57. Dear Old Joe
58. A Good and Happy Pair
59. A Bittersweet Reunion

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