Famous Men of Greece

by John H. Haaren

Description:  Attractive biographical sketches of thirty-five of the most prominent characters in the history of ancient Greece, from legendary times to its fall in 146 B.C. Each story is told in a clear, simple manner, and is well calculated to awaken and stimulate the youthful imagination.

Additional information:

Ages:  9-12
Length:  234 pages
Format:  Paperback, Ebook
Illustrations:  Black and white
Year published:  2006
ISBN:  978-1-59915-045-1
Genres:  History, Ancient History

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Table of Contents

1. The Gods of Greece

2. Deucalion and the Flood

3. Cadmus and the Dragon's Teeth

4. Perseus

5. Hercules and His Labors

6. Jason and the Golden Fleece

7. Theseus

8. Agamemnon King of Men

9. Achilles Bravest of Greeks

10. The Adventures of Ulysses

11. Lycurgus

12. Draco and Solon

13. Pisistratus the Tyrant

14. Miltiades the Hero of Marathon

15. Leonidas at Thermopylæ

16. Themistocles

17. Aristides the Just

18. Cimon

19. Pericles

20. Alcibiades

21. Lysander

22. Socrates

23. Xenophon

24. Epaminondas and Pelopidas

25. Philip of Macedonia

26. Alexander the Great

27. Demosthenes

28. Aristotle, Zeno, Diogenes and Apelles

29. Ptolemy

30. Pyrrhus

31. Cleomenes III

32. The Fall of Greece

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