Fairy Tales Too Good To Miss—Out of the Cave

by Lisa M. Ripperton

Description:  The second of two fairy tale anthologies for 10 year olds, containing stories specially chosen to appeal to this age. Three complete books are included in this volume: Thackeray's The Rose and the Ring, Lang's Prince Prigio, and Fouque's Undine. Almost all the other selections are literary fairy tales as well, including The Reluctant Dragon and individual stories from Nesbit, Stockton, de Morgan, and Hauff. Numerous illustrations, some in color, accompany many of the selections.

Additional information:

Ages:  10-12
Format:  Ebook
Illustrations:  Color, black and white
Year published:  2015
ISBN:  978-1-59915-931-7
Genres:  Literature, Fairy Tales

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Table of Contents

1. Caliph Stork
2. Little Muck
3. The Giant Who Had No Heart in His Body
4. The False Prince
5. Melisande
6. Saïd's Fate, Part 1
7. Saïd's Fate, Part 2
8. The Reluctant Dragon, Part 1
9. The Reluctant Dragon, Part 2
10. The Cold Heart, Part 1
11. The Cold Heart, Part 2
12. Prelude
13. How the Royal Family Sate Down to Breakfast
14. How Valoroso Got the Crown and Giglio Went Without
15. Who the Fairy Blackstick Was
16. How Blackstick Was Not Asked to the Christening
17. How Princess Angelica Took a Little Maid
18. How Prince Giglio Behaved Himself
19. How Giglio and Angelica Had a Quarrel
20. How Gruffanuff Picked the Fairy Ring Up
21. How Betsinda Got the Warming-Pan
22. How King Valoroso Was in a Dreadful Passion
23. What Gruffanuff Did to Giglio and Betsinda
24. How Betsinda Fled, and What Became of Her
25. How Queen Rosalba Came to the Castle of the Count
26. What Became of Giglio
27. We Return to Rosalba
28. How Hedzoff Rode Back to King Giglio
29. How a Tremendous Battle Took Place and Who Won It
30. How They All Journeyed Back to the Capital
31. And Now We Come to the Last Scene in the Pantomime
32. Summary
33. The Bee-Man of Orn
34. How the Fairies Were Not Invited to Court
35. Prince Prigio and His Family
36. About the Firedrake

37. How Prince Prigio Was Deserted by Everybody
38. What Prince Prigio Found in the Garret
39. What Happened to Prince Prigio in Town
40. The Prince Falls in Love
41. The Prince Is Puzzled
42. The Prince and the Firedrake
43. The Prince and the Remora
44. The Battle
45. A Terrible Misfortune
46. Surprises
47. The King Explains
48. The King's Check
49. A Melancholy Chapter
50. The Black Cat and the Brethren
51. The Very Last
52. The Necklace of Princess Fiorimonde
53. How the Knight Came to the Fisherman
54. How Undine Had Come to the Fisherman
55. How Undine Was Found Again
56. Of That Which Befell the Knight in the Wood
57. How the Knight Fared on the Peninsula
58. Telleth of a Wedding
59. Of All That Chanced on the Evening of the Wedding
60. The Day after the Wedding
61. How the Knight Bore Away His Young Wife
62. How They Fared in the City
63. Bertalda's Birthday
64. How They Journeyed from the City
65. How They Fared at Castle Ringstetten
66. The Black Valley
67. How They Journeyed to Vienna
68. How It Fared Further with Huldbrand
69. The Knight's Dream
70. How the Knight Huldbrand Is Married
71. How the Knight Huldbrand Was Buried
72. The Wanderings of Arasmon

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