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Ebook Extravaganza

Imagine having 477 titles that Yesterday's Classics has published, but without having to spend a fortune or build a couple of new bookcases! For parents, readers, and educators who want a pair of floor-to-ceiling bookcases in the palm of their hand, our new Ebook Extravaganza is for you. Now you can have an entire library of wholesome books for your children at your fingertips, ready to go wherever you do, with titles in 40 genres to appeal to all ages and interests.

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We know you are eager to see what titles this offer includes, so we have come up with three ways for you to do that.

The first is to simply scroll through the spines on the bookshelf below. That will give you a good idea of the type of titles that are included.

But you may want more details. So the second way allows you to view all the details of the books included, by clicking on each of the treasuries, in turn, in the list below, to scroll online through the list of titles in that treasury together with their thumbnails, descriptions, authors, and age ranges.

But instead of having 4 separate lists, you may prefer to see all 477 titles in a single list, arranged by genre, with their respective thumbnails, descriptions, authors, and age ranges included. So we are providing a third way for you to familiarize yourself with the contents of this package. Simply download the 58-page pdf that we have created for this purpose: Yesterday’s Classics Ebook Extravaganza Catalog.

What's Included in the Ebook Extravaganza:

  • 477 ebooks of the highest quality, both in terms of literary merit and textual presentation
  • A clickable table of contents in each ebook and carefully proofread text with formatting and visual appeal far surpassing that found in the majority of free ebooks
  • Color or black and white illustrations, depending on the original text (most titles are illustrated, but not all)
  • A full year to download
  • The ability to put all 477 ebooks on as many devices as you have in your home
  • All ebooks in EPUB format
  • Titles in a wide variety of genres, including nature study, biography, poetry, fairy tales, science, art, history, mythology, and more
  • Titles for a wide range of ages and reading abilities, with books for children ages 4-18
  • A sortable spreadsheet of all ebooks with author, title, genre, age range, file name, and treasury number
  • A PDF of the Yesterday's Classics Ebook Extravaganza Catalog (this is the same PDF linked to above)
  • Customer service commensurate with the high quality of the books we publish

We are proud to offer books that . . . 

  • Incorporate text of high literary quality
  • Use the power of story to engage the reader
  • Cultivate the reader's moral imagination
  • Awaken an interest in the out of doors and stimulate powers of observation
  • Furnish heroes worthy of emulation

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Why are you not including Kindle files?

Because in January 2023 Amazon announced that EPUB will be the format they accept going forward. The .azw files that we created for Treasury 1 have not been accepted for a while. And now the .mobi files we created for Treasuries 2 and 3 will not be accepted either. So it was an obvious choice to just offer EPUB files.

How much space will the entire collection require on my computer or ebook reader?

The entire collection requires 2.26GB of storage. 

I already bought Treasury1, Treasury 2, and Treasury 3. Can I just buy Treasury 4?

Yes! Please go to this link to view and purchase Treasury 4.

Can I print these ebooks?

All ebooks in the Ebook Extravaganza are epubs, not pdfs, so they are not printable.

Have any questions we haven’t addressed?

Please send your question  to and we will get back to you. If your question is of general interest, we will update the information here.

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