by Marion Hudson

Description: Introduces the beginning student to elementary brush strokes, made by filling the brush with color and then laying it on the paper. The instruction starts with a series of vertical, horizontal, and diagonal brush stroke exercises, followed by a couple of designs created using those elements. The rest of the lessons alternate between showing how strokes may be combined to represent natural objects such as flowers, animals, insects, and birds, and then using them in designs. Only six colors are used in the lessons, with two required for each exercise, giving students lots of opportunities to work with pigments to obtain the hues desired. Includes 20 full page color plates 8.5 x 11 inches.

Additional information:

Ages:  6-12
Length:  70 pages
Format:  Paperback
Illustrations: Color
Year published:  2019
ISBN:  978-1-63334-109-8
Genres:  Fine Arts, Drawing

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Table of Contents

1. Elementary Brush-Forms
2. Pattern of Brush-Forms
3. Oblique Brush-Forms
4. Pattern of Oblique Brush-Forms
5. Pattern of All the Previous Brush-Forms
6. Lesson on Hips and Leaves
7. Design of Hips
8. Lesson on Yellow Dahlia
9. Design of Dahlia
10. Lesson on the Scylla
11. Design of Scylla
12. Lesson on Chickens
13. Lesson on Blue and Brown Butterflies
14. Lesson on the Violet
15. Design of Violets

16. Lesson on Laburnum
17. Design of Laburnum
18. Lesson on Hares and Leaves
19. Lesson on Ducklings and Pond
20. Lesson on Ivy
21. Design of Ivy
22. Lesson on Mountain Ash
23. Design of Mountain Ash
24. Lesson on Corn and Mice
25. Design of Corn and Mice
26. Lesson on Pink Anemone
27. Design of Anemone
28. Lesson on Storks and Bulrushes
29. Lesson on the Primrose
30. Design of Primrose

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