Black Beauty

by Anna Sewell

Description:  Told from the horse's perspective, this narrative relates the life experiences of Black Beauty, from his earliest days through old age. Born on a farm and raised by kind masters, Black Beauty enjoys a wonderful start in life. When sickness befalls his mistress, however, the family must leave their home and Black Beauty is sold. So begins a long and arduous journey through the hands of many masters. Blessed with a fine temperament and with perseverance, Black Beauty finds the strength to endure many grievances, and the grace to appreciate kindness when it is shown to him.

Additional information:

Ages:  9-11
Format:  Ebook
Illustrations:  Color, black and white
Year published:  2013
ISBN:  978-1-59915-846-4
Genres:  Fiction, Literature

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Table of Contents

1. My Early Home
2. The Hunt
3. My Breaking In
4. Birtwick Park
5. A Fair Start
6. Liberty
7. Ginger
8. Ginger's Story Continued
9. Merrylegs
10. A Talk in the Orchard
11. Plain Speaking
12. A Stormy Day
13. The Devil's Trade Mark
14. James Howard
15. The Old Ostler
16. The Fire
17. John Manly's Talk
18. Going for the Doctor
19. Only Ignorance
20. Joe Green
21. The Parting
22. Earlshall
23. A Strike for Liberty
24. The Lady Anne, or a Runaway Horse
25. Reuben Smith

26. How It Ended
27. Ruined, and Going Down-Hill
28. A Job Horse and His Drivers
29. Cockneys
30. A Thief
31. A Humbug
32. A Horse Fair
33. A London Cab Horse
34. An Old War Horse
35. Jerry Barker
36. The Sunday Cab
37. The Golden Rule
38. Dolly and a Real Gentleman
39. Seedy Sam
40. Poor Ginger
41. The Butcher
42. The Election
43. A Friend in Need
44. Old Captain and His Successor
45. Jerry's New Year
46. Jakes and the Lady
47. Hard Times
48. Farmer Thoroughgood and His Grandson Willie
49. My Last Home

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