Individual Biography

Alexander the Great
by Jacob Abbott

by Jacob Abbott

Julius Caesar
by Jacob Abbott

by Jacob Abbott

Marco Polo
by George Makepeace Towle

The Beautiful Story of Joan of Arc  
by Viola Ruth Lowe

Luther: The Leader
by John Louis Nuelsen

The Story of Columbus
by Gladys M. Imlach

Johann Sebastian Bach
by George P. Upton

Joseph Haydn
by George P. Upton

Mozart's Youth
by George P. Upton

Ludwig van Beethoven
by George P. Upton

The Story of Sir Walter Raleigh
by Margaret Duncan Kelly

The Story of H. M. Stanley
by Vautier Golding

The Story of Napoleon
by H. E. Marshall

by Alma Holman Burton

by Lucy Foster Madison

On the Trail of Grant and Lee
by Frederick Trevor Hill

Florence Nightingale
by Laura E. Richards

The Story of My Life
by Helen Keller

Collective Biography

Heroes Every Child Should Know

by Hamilton Wright Mabie

Heroes of the Middle Ages
by Eva March Tappan

Stories of the Painters
by Amy Steedman

Knights of Art
by Amy Steedman

Four Great Americans
by James Baldwin

Four American Pioneers
by Frances M. Perry

Four American Inventors
by Frances M. Perry

Four American Explorers
by Nellie F. Kingsley

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