Beauty and Truth Math

Beauty & Truth Math exists to equip parents to implement the Charlotte Mason method in their homeschool math lessons. The curriculum consists of scripted teacher lessons, suggested review, and mental math assignments. There are also supplemental activities, teacher training, and supports included. The products are downloadable PDFs for parents to use as a guide in their mathematics journey with their students. The goal is to make math lessons life-giving as students and teachers explore the mountainous land of mathematics. The primary texts used alongside the arithmetic guides are the Strayer-Upton books for Years 2-8. Teaching the Essentials of Arithmetic by Ballard is recommended for teacher's continuing education.

Practical Arithmetics, Book 1
by Strayer & Upton

Number Stories of Long Ago
by David Eugene Smith

Lessons in Experimental and Practical Geometry
by H. S. Hall and F. H. Stevens